Dominant Austria, Herscher with seven golds

Ski World Championships

07.02.2021 – 16:32

In the world medals table, Austria leads with 294 (96 gold, 103 silver and 95 bronze). Switzerland follows with 195 (66, 69, 60)

The country with the most medals in the World Cup is by far Austria, with 294 medals (96 gold, 103 silver and 95 bronze). Switzerland follows with 195 (66, 69, 60). At the highest step on the podium in the ranking that holds up against all the World Championships from 1931 to 2019 and the Olympic Games that were also between 1948 and 1980 as a review of the World Championships, we find France with 131 (45, 51, 35). Late, Germany, the United States, Norway, Italy, Sweden and Canada.

The ranking of the most famous athletes in the World Championships (which takes into account the number of golds before the total number) is headed by Marcel Herscher, at 11 (7 gold and 4 silver). The brilliant Austrian, who retired at the end of last season, is preceded by legendary compatriot Tony Seeler (8 medals in total, 7 of which were gold he won between 1956 and 1958). In third place is another sacred monster of alpine skiing, Frenchman Jean-Claude Kelly (1966-1968, 6 medals, all gold). Fourth, the Norwegian Kjetil André Aamodt (1991-2003) who is nonetheless the athlete with the most medals ever, 12 (5 gold). Italian Gustav Thoni is fifth with 7 (5 gold), as is Swedish Ingmar Steinmark. The first Swiss is Bremen Zurbingen, and the tenth with 9 medals, 4 of which are gold. In second place for the number of metals placed around the neck, and ninth in the ranking, Luxembourgian Marc Girardelli with 11 (4 gold).

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