Domicile and Residence: Checks start for everyone and the cashing procedures are different

Beware of being caught unprepared: checks begin for everyone regarding domicile and residence.

We often confuse home and residence, but in reality they are two completely different concepts. Domicile refers to the place where a person has his main residence, while dwelling is where he proves that he has a home, but not necessarily the main home.

Change of residence or domicile
Attention to change of residence: checks begin –

It is important to be careful not to confuse the two terms, as the law provides for very specific differences between them. Regulations on this issue are increasingly frequent, which is why the legislation on this topic has recently been amended Place of residence and residence. In the rest of the article we will explore the differences between the two concepts and the innovations introduced by the law.

Residency and residence checks have begun: practice is also changing

Many people they change It is often the stay or stay for various reasons, without fully knowing the rules that govern these cases. Today, the procedure for changing residence or housing has changed compared to the past, which is why it is so important to be informed Don’t make mistakes during scans. In the rest of the article, we will explore the most important innovations introduced by the Residence and Residency Law, in order to avoid any penalties or administrative complications.

Change of residence or domicile
How to change residence and domicile rules –

Since January 1 of this year, The place of residence can be changed online Without having to personally go to the relevant municipality’s registration offices. This applies to transfers from another municipality or to a change of residence in the same municipality, as well as to citizens registered with AIRE. To make a change of residence online, you need to get to the section Citizen services on the ANPR website using your Spid, Cie, or Cns credentials and declare whether you are moving to an existing family or to a new residence. The procedure is free and allows you to attach the necessary documents in digital format.

The process of changing residence has become easier Thanks to the possibility of making the exchange online, but at the same time i check They have become much stricter to prevent fake housing. Each municipality has the right to conduct examinations Unawares check about honesty of declared residence and prevent possible violations. Citizen has the possibility to communicate with schedules who is not at home to avoid unwanted checks, but if he is found out of the home more than once during the checks, his name can be removed from the local registry office.

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