Does Xbox Series X work | S SSD on a Sony console? Digital Foundry Responds –

L’SSD di Xbox Series X | S. Works on PS5? It’s a question some of you may not have asked themselves digital foundry Yes and decided to give an answer. In the video you find above, starting at 11:15, the magazine explains its tests with Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Digital Foundry explains that PS5 detects Xbox Series X | S SSD as M.2 is compatible with the console at startup and asks you to format it to use it. Once you try to format the PlayStation 5 gets 13% of the process and crashes. Immediately after the forced reset of the console. Fortunately, the Sony game machine is still working after the operation. On the other hand, the SSD will be phased out.

Digital Foundry says they tested two Xbox Series X SSDs | S is different and in both cases the result was the same. The magazine feels that it can claim that Microsoft’s SSD controller Does not work with PS5 And do not recommend doing the test yourself so as not to waste the SSD.

Obviously, the average player would have no reason to attempt an action of this nature, as it is also an unnecessarily expensive technique. Having to buy an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X just to get an SSD to use on the PS5 doesn’t make any sense. Digital Foundry wanted to try the experience, as the “crazy scientist” of the situation.

To stay on the PS5 topic, here are the speeds of NVMe M.2 SSDs compared to internal hard drives from Digital Foundry.

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