Does the mind affect our health? Let’s explain

Does the mind really affect our health so much? Let’s get this clear, let’s find out what the studies say

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It has been proven that a Role What matters is what our mind plays for what consideration Our health too. But how much do we have? mind It is able to influence our body and our body body? Over the years, research and education They delved more and more into this topic a question. Only in the past few decades has it become widespread Established That there is already a link between the system impervious and the brain.

What does this mean? a very modern The research explained everything about this very well.”connection“. Must not under-estimate Not the “power” that our brains and especially our minds can have emotions and catalysts in this sense, compared to problem Organic in nature, like It could be be any health problem. there breakthroughIt also relates to all those diseases that were pointing to purely psychological.

Is our health affected by our mind? studies

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One Stady Very recently, it was conducted by the Technion – the Israeli Institute of Technology in Haifa and the Nile specific By doctoral student Hedva Heiken who introduced Prof Discovery Which can have a holistic effect revolutionary. In fact, it was part of the results published in nature. The study in question goes back specifically to the end 2022.

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doctoral student, under supervision Written by cardiologist Lior Gebstein and neuroimmunologist Asia Rolls, HA Analyze it under a microscope crumbs From the heart of guinea pigs affected by a heart attack. In some of them they were Present from surgeon The heart attack left him, and others instead They showed up Minor intercellular effects correct. Why this difference?

the samples Those mice that received one were healthier Energizing of the brain region involved in positive emotions and a movement. others, scarred, they came from unstimulated mice. The experience was of course Appointment Several times the results appear to propose That activating the brain region is capable of that Operator Changes in the immune response.

Health and our brain: The Association

such changes they contribute To reduce scar tissue. This study, yes Add It is obvious to those who have been previously drawn, especially in the past contracts, as we have already said. And the’ common senseso, that this link between state The emotional and physical life of a person is present and relevant Importanceespecially for medicine.

An example of how Exploit Improve the placebo effect but also enhance the treatment of many diseases Including oncology. Without considering, then, so many diseases So far it can be classified as “psychological” for sure reevaluationthis would be one step away from relevance Basic For our health.

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All the Authors Of the studies in this regard, which seem to be hundreds of scientists, too Investigation On the functioning of the human brain respect to immune system responses. It is clear that about Searches Quite long and well articulated, given the extensionTheme very sensitive. So far the results look anyway promising.

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