Does the cost of a PC equal to the PS5 2,000 euros? Did Yoshida really film it that big? –

His latest statements have caused a lot of discussion Naoki Yoshidaproject Final Fantasy 16according to which at present a Computers worth more than 2,000 euros To make the game run on par with the PS5 version. It’s undoubtedly a big shot from Yoshi-P, perhaps related to an awkward attempt to promote a Sony console because of the stipulated exclusivity agreements. The sheer amount of form, which is out of scope from any point of view, has naturally monopolized discussions on the network, causing the Square Enix producer to miss the point of the discourse, as evidenced by comments on the network and also within our newsletter dedicated to the issue.

The first, frankly, isto improve: Without much work from the developers, any game will perform poorly even on a high end PC with an expensive RTX 4090. We have an example of this with Hogwarts Legacy and more recently with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, or, looking more specifically at Square Enix, with Stranger Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and Forspoken and to a lesser extent with Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Many at this point can say: “We are talking about poor optimization work by the publishers, it is not the PC’s fault.” And they will be absolutely right, mind you. Poor optimization, however, is an intrinsic flaw in the PC ecosystem, which players have learned to live with, because it recurs cyclically with triple A, sometimes surprisingly like some kind of Russian roulette, much more than it does. in the console scene.

Let’s come to an agreement. No, Yoshida didn’t extend his hands forward because of a Bad transfer From Final Fantasy 16 on PC. No marketing deal is worth depressing sales of the release Square Enix has to and will have to spend money and resources on. Alternatively, Yoshi-P, who is formidable when it comes to directing development teams (see the miracle done with FF14) but less comfortable with interviews, simply stated that the game was built with the PS5 as a base and this currently makes no sense right away 1: 1 converting on PC will result in a poorly optimized port, which, to be exact, will require a much more expensive configuration than it would actually need.

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In short, a clear one. But Yoshida probably thought he was killing two birds with one stone, making the PS5 release well-placed and at the same time justifying PC release delayedwhich as we know will require at least 6 months of additional development after the PS5 exclusivity deal expires, set on December 31 of this year.

In doing so, however, he complied two lightness: the first is to give an exact number, specifically of “more than 2,000 euros” and the second, closely related to the first, is to assume that the players have read his statements in full and that they will not stop at the news headlines.

This is evidenced by comments on the net and on social networks, among those who now take for granted the poor optimization of Final Fantasy 16 on PC, those who have suggested boards with configurations equal to or greater than PS5 under the number X, and those who suppose A computer for 2000 euros that you eat for breakfast etc. Ironically, those who got to this point, even inadvertently, simply mocked Yoshida and his attempt to steamroll the Sony flagship, as he has already done in the past, among other things.

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