Does Porch Veranda Prevent Superbonus?

In some cases, the veranda on the balcony prevents Superbonus. Indeed, even if it refers to a private space such as a balcony, a veranda also denotes a common element of a building, namely, the facade. For Superbonus purposes, this can compromise the legitimacy and compatibility of the shared spaces. In fact, a veranda, at the organizational level, is considered as a volume that expands the surface of an apartment. For this reason, a build practice is required to install it.

If permission is not obtained to construct the veranda, this may be offensive and thus preclude acceptance of the practice of Superbonus. Obviously, two cases must be confirmed. First of all, the building regulations of the municipality in which you reside. And secondly, whether it is still possible to apply for a pardon on the balcony itself. Indeed, it is important to remember that an Asylums Suspension does not prevent Superbonus.

Compatibility with Superbonus’ urban planning

Legislation that dictates the necessary compliance rules for Superbonus is contained in Article 36 of Presidential Decree 380 of 2001.

In light of this legislation, will a veranda on a balcony prohibit Superbonus? Indeed, in remuneration-related practice, the responsible technician must certify the town planning’s compliance with the property and its legitimate condition. So it is imperative that, if the veranda is not really intact, at least start the practice of pardons.

The relaxing rule about property matching

The first release of Decree of relaunch He claimed that having a single abuse on a real estate unit would have prevented the exercise of reward. Legislation has been relaxed at this point.

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Today, the law explicitly states that accreditation of qualified technician and one-stop shop assessments for construction should only concern common areas subject to intervention.

Given that a balcony, as mentioned earlier, also influences the public good like a facade, it is a good idea to ask for a pardon. This will prevent a condominium from losing Superbonus for non-compliance with common goods.

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