Documents to be submitted to CAF

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Action Mobile Reward 2022

Before inserting a file documentation necessary to take advantage of Mobile Rewards 2022Let’s summarize how it works and what procedure to follow to order it.

Bonus includes a 50% deduction from personal income taxdivided into 10 annual installments, on purchase costs Furniture and large appliancesto taxpayers who are renovating the building.

to Re-enter the privilegeIt’s necessary to:

  • Renovations are announced regularly, by municipal building practice required with CILA SCIA or DIA or by self-certification if they fall within the free building interventions,
  • Started after January 1, 2020.

The Limit of expenditure equals 10,000 and refers to One real estate unit or to the common part of the building under renovation.

If they do that Work on different real estate unitsyou will be entitled More rewards.

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Mobile Rewards 2022: What documents to send

After summarizing how the 2022 mobile reward works, let’s see the documents required to avail the discount.

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The Necessary documents The reward request is as follows:

  • Bank transfer receipt
  • Transaction receipt (for credit or debit card payments);
  • documents for debiting the current account;
  • Invoices for the purchase of goods, showing the nature, quality and quantity of goods and services obtained.

Documents should be forwarded to Enea . platform Within 90 days from the date of purchase of the furniture. Once the procedure is complete, the documentation should be Also shown at CAF with code CPID (Personal Identification Code) Which is sent via email from Enea.

Mobile Rewards 2022
Mobile Bonus 2022: Documents to be handed over to Café.

We hope we made it a little clearer, but if you still have doubts about how the 2022 mobile bonus works, feel free to write to us at Instagram.

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