Doctors: “Are masks useful? We don’t know, but they must be worn.”

We report a great piece published today on the truthFrom Daniel Kipzon. Judging by the astonishing finding of the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists, our union dealt a fatal blow from KO to the Taliban of masks. In short, on The website of the union mentioned aboveOn the question of hundreds of guns, “Masks are still useful against the Covid-19 virus,” the following answer was given: “We don’t know. We don’t know if mask face protection prevents infection, and if so, to what extent.”

However, after citing extensive research by Evidence-Based Practice Center Pacific Northwest In Portland, USA, where once again there is not an iota of rigorous study to support such an abhorrent commitment, the site in question concludes in a disgraceful Pilates-like manner: “Pending more credible studies, Good Sense teaches that covering the mouth and nose is a good way to reduce Droplet transmission—and even better if you’re traveling in a wetsuit, we add—. Indeed, if you have a cough, it is essential to do so, regardless of the evidence that may have come from clinical studies.”

So – Kebzon comments more and more indignantly – we are even in State Distributor of Principles of Good Education, because the moral state was not already authoritarian enough, apparently.” Then, at the same location, a crackling conclusion arrives. Quoting from the previous and somewhat inconclusive WHO symposium on the topic of seasonal influenza, in which the intriguing question was addressed For the mask controversy, this is the last sentence of the Association of Surgeons and Dentists Orders: “Consider an ineffective low-cost intervention. Wearing a face mask because there is no evidence from clinical trials doesn’t seem like a great idea. “

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So – notes Capezzone bitterly – there is someone, in August 2022, after throwing taxpayer money out the window to buy masks of all kinds, and then slaughtering our individual liberties, tells us it was a “low-cost” intervention. And here is the “low cost” – material, given the psychological and social damage that we will see in their enormous gravity only in the following time – as stated in the margin of the article, where the Italian Company for Environmental Medicine stated: 46 billion masks have been used in Italy since the beginning of the epidemic, that is, more than A third of the total of those used worldwide, which amounts to 129 billion. An astonishing comparison confirms in a plastic way that Italy has in a short time become a healthy republic so hard-wired to make any totalitarian regime, past or present, pale.

A healthy republic whose distinctive symbol, such as the swastika or the hammer and sickle, is still the mask, which gives Unnecessary personal protective equipment Soon it turned into a real instrument of political control of society.

Claudio Rometti, August 25, 2022

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