Doctor Smile 2021, preview, when, where, conductors, patients

Previews of the first episode of the new look dedicated to Smile Makeover: all the details.

Doctor Smile 2021: The first smile change (or “smile restructuring”) of Italian TV is about to begin At present. The original format was designed by Nando Moscariello for “Vivi la vita srl”.

Doctor Smile 2021: When, Where, Airtime, Conductor

Brand new concept At present It will be broadcast with a special episode Wednesday December 22, at 22.20, on channel 31 of DTT. The mission of the figure is to give hope to those who have lost it, because a smile changes life.

But not only that: he gives those who have lost him security in themselves and in their character. Unfortunately, the sore point, when you think about getting your smile back, is the huge costs that you have to face.

And this is where ‘Doctor Smile’ 2021, also known as Anabola ManfredoniaA volcano of energy and vitality. The protagonist of the program is a famous dentist in Naples who combines the personal aspect of being a wife and mother in the profession.

A woman full of life and with many qualities, the first of which is hospitality. Manfredonia loves her friendliness, and when she takes off her work coat, she loves to organize private parties in the company of her closest friends.

Moments of a meeting in the name of lightness organized with the complicity of the beloved and the patient naldaTrusted housekeeper.

Doctor Smile 2021: The latest technology to restore a smile

Doctor Smile 2021, also known as Anabola ManfredoniaHe has highly respected academic and professional experience. There are periods they spend abroad, especially in America.

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In his activity, the dentist in Naples will use the latest technology and all his professionalism and experience to make his patients smile again, whether they are big or small.

in the la . program Doctor Smile 2021To help the dentist in Naples, there will be a loyal assistant Rosa.

Form and heroes of the first episode

More than just a dental clinic, Dr. Smile preparation looks 2021 Health centerWhere the main goal is self-care. During the broadcast, you will see the before and after, confirming the “transformations” that have occurred thanks to the interventions of the dentist.

Distressed mouths will turn into dazzling smiles. progress from episode Wednesday December 22 It reveals that the protagonists of the evening will be three patients, all from Campania.

Viewers know IdaShe is a true Neapolitan physician, mother and housewife who loves life. Then there will be GustavoThe accountant and the sweet and loving father with the dentist’s nightmare. Finally we will meet the very little girl LucreziaThe girl who never smiles and has a secret dream: to marry the love of her life by showing off a bright smile.

When patients discover the success of the ‘Doctor Smile 2021’ intervention, they will experience many feelings of amazement, joy and tears. So the job for the dentist in Naples is done.

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