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Often we have the will to start training, but we do not know where to start, without having the basics: here fortunately in this case, many fitness apps come to help that allow you to train in a practical and complete way, with suggestions and advice from every young person. Today we recommend some of the healthiest ones.

The first app of this kind that we totally recommend is Nike running club. The first advantage of this app is that it is free, and it can be used without necessarily having to pay to watch the exercises.

You will have the possibility to choose between different types of training, based on the personal experience of the user who uses it, whether it is a beginner or not. The opportunity is also given to train both the free body and the use of dumbbells and a barbell, depending on what it is equipped with.

How it works

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Following the exercises in this case will be very simple, since real explanatory videos will be passed in sequence, detailing the movements and postures that must be followed and simulated, so as not to run into technical errors and to avoid injuries. At the moment they are well available 185 in-app exercisesin a way that varies from day to day with new types of training.

possible alternative to Nike running club It also represents Memorizes, also in this case a completely free app, but this time focus on HIIT (i.e. high intensity exercises) and Tabata. This app includes 400 exercises inside, up to 100 exercises for each intensity level. Also in this case it is explained in the smallest detail with explanatory videos and lessons.

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Finally we got to the last app we recommended, JeFit, which includes an initial cognitive test to calibrate the exercises based on the individual’s personal experience. In this case, 1,300 exercises, divided by type, will be included. The app includes a completely free and paid version for $6.99 per month.

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