Do you want a design house? You must have this bamboo armchair absolutely

If you are looking for a particular piece of furniture to personalize your home, here is the rattan design armchair.

Do you love browsing the catalogs of the most popular furniture brands, looking for designer accessories to customize your interiors and are you looking for a beautiful and modern piece to buy? Then, this rattan armchair could be right for you! You can place it at home, for example in a corner of the bedroom, but it is also perfect as a seat around a dining table.

It is a special table armchair model in real natural rattan, with a typical bohemian style metal structure that perfectly adapts to your living room decorated in boho style. But that’s not all, you can also place it outside, always protected from the elements, of course, for example, under the porch or on the terrace, but only if it is covered. Let’s find out more

Bagua Natural Rattan Armchair, design choice for boho style home furnishing

If you are looking for new furniture to personalize your home living room boho style We at suggest you take a look at the catalog diamond, where you can find lots of stylish and elegant furniture accessories. In particular, this was brought to our attention Bagua natural rattan armchairfor a variety of reasons that you can find out by reading on.

Details of BAGUA natural rattan armchair – – ​​Photo The Masie

You will see, the details of this armchair will also conquer you! First of all, let’s start by saying that it is an armchair made of real rattan, that is, from natural fibers, and not made of a synthetic material that only has the appearance of rattan. Then its trendy color (we are talking about the essence of wood in a dark brown shade, let’s say chocolate) makes it the perfect solution for home furnishing in ethnic style or boho. But it also fits well with a Scandinavian or country style.

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It is also a completely handmade product and therefore each piece is unique as it is not made in chain. there bagua chair It really has many qualities that make it the design furnishing accessory that will make your home more valuable. If you’d like to get an idea of ​​their size, here are the detailed measurements:

  • Height: 76 cm
  • Width: 66 cm
  • Depth: 64 cm
  • Seat height: 40 cm
  • Armrests height: 62 cm

If you are convinced, all you have to do is visit the online store and make your purchase to have a custom designed armchair to personalize your home. At the time of this writing, it is for sale at €124.95.

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