Do you often forget things? Here are some foods that improve memory

There are several moments in the day when we seem to forget things. This strange feeling is almost always renewed on the occasion of big appointments. For example, when you study for a college exam, even though you have weeks of studying and focusing behind you, you arrive on the fateful date with the certainty of not remembering anything.

It also happens at work or in the family: managing children, shopping, and a thousand things to do. One of the most fascinating aspects of the brain’s machinery is memory, a vital cognitive function that tends to weaken over time.

However, scientific research agrees on the fact that diseases of aging can be prevented with a more moderate lifestyle, a lifestyle in which the right diet plays a crucial role. In this case, foods can help us, yes I understand correctly, there are foods that can stimulate and improve memory. Today we will see which one is better.

Do you often forget things? Here are some foods that improve memory

Let’s start with broccoli. Revered as a true wellness star, this vegetable adheres to the cruciferous family, and as such should never be missing in your diet along with radishes, broccoli, arugula and turnip greens. Broccoli contains choline, a very important nutrient that can be assimilated in importance to the B vitamins, and the usual vitamin K.

Frequent consumption of broccoli can lead to better protection against age-related neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The same goes for Brussels sprouts.

Then we have the nuts. Walnuts are a seed full of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Above all, the presence of vitamin E is sufficient to reduce the long-term significance of neurodegenerative diseases. Being a calorie food, it should be measured in the general calories of the meals, but it is definitely better to eat a few nuts rather than a packed snack full of calories. salt and preservatives. Finally we have the bitter dark chocolate.

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Full of flavonoids, extra dark chocolate contains cocoa, which has well-known antioxidant effects as those produced by coffee or berries. With a high concentration of cocoa it defends memory and slows the effects of aging, even in cases of sleep deprivation.

It should be part of an anti-aging diet. Here are memory’s best allies.

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