Do you know how much it really costs for 30 minutes? beyond belief

The time of use affects a lot. Here’s how much an electric oven would cost if we used it for 30 minutes

The Energy saving It goes through the habits we have at home and the way we use energy and devices.

(How much does an electric oven cost)

The people we use most often, especially in the kitchen, are actually the most energy hungry and guilty of putting costs on the bill. here then How much does an electric oven cost if we use it for 30 minutes.

Here’s how much an electric oven would cost if we used it for 30 minutes

Due to the energy crunch and the cost increase in the bill, we are all more concerned with the amount of energy we consume daily at home. According to some recent studies, in fact, we can spend about 5,000 euros a year due to electricity and gas bills. So we need a way to save as much as possible. So it is important for you to know us consumption: This is how much an electric oven would cost if we used it 30 minutes.

Knowing how much half an hour in the oven we decided to bake a dessert or roast would cost us, allows us to optimize costs and understand when we can afford them again. It is actually possible to make a daily estimate of our consumption from the refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine.

According to the calculations, he used the electric oven there for 30 minutes It costs an average of 1 euro. This estimate takes into account the first half hour of ignition, and therefore it does not matter whether the cooking is real or simply heating the dish.

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(How much does an electric oven cost)

As it is easy to guess, this figure is by no means indifferent, if it is proportional to our use of this device during the week and all year round. It is clear, however, that costs can change compared to Category And the The dimension The furnace, is it new and older and what is the power level.

One of the tips for saving energy (and therefore in the bill) with an electric oven is to turn it on Only for dinner or on weekend days. It is actually recommended to make a cake or pizza on Saturday or Sunday, perhaps using one burner for several dishes.

It is also important to rely on timer, so as not to exceed the cooking time and optimal consumption. You can also save turning off Oven a few minutes before actual cooking, leaving the dish to simmer with the oven off, but still the heat buildup.

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