Do you have your period and your jeans are dirty? Don’t panic, just use this super effective method

If you just got your period and your jeans got dirty, don’t panic! All you have to do is follow this super effective method.

The Course Menstruation is an episode that happens to all women, at least once a month, from adolescence (more or less 12 years of age) to advanced age, with the advent of menopause.

Cycle Jeans Patches – Credit: Adobe-Stock

It is a natural factor that we all experience and will be of benefit to us, through thick and thin. However, often, despite giving very accurate calculations, we count 28 days according to the routine, and this can be delayed or predicted: in short, surprise us. And to be honest, it’s not always a welcome surprise. In fact, it happens that once he decides to arrive, he doesn’t even give us time to organize ourselves, which immediately pollutes jeans that we wear. What do you do at this point? how to get rid of stigma on him? In a very simple and effective way we will explain it below.

If you stained your jeans on your cycle, do not despair, because the stain will be gone in no time with this very simple method that is very effective

We said that, even though we count the days and accurately calculate the time elapsed between Course And the other, it often happens, due to various factors, is that this agent does some little trick on us, and it arrives suddenly. When this happens, the first thing that happens to us is panic. The latter is mainly due to the fact that we often, or rather always, get our clothes dirty.

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Imagine the embarrassment you feel at the very moment knowing that we can’t get up from the chair or we can’t walk freely, because our pants are so dirty! Well, when that happens, what are we going to do? We first try to find a way to cover the stain, for example with a jacket at the waist or a jacket tied at the hips, then we run home and wash the jeans.

jeans ring
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At this point, once we get home, we have to take into account two factors: the size and depth of the stain. If the stain is still fresh, removing it will not be too difficult. We take our head from the side of the bush and pass it under cold running water. Then we pass it fast for dishes (Obviously being careful not to overdosing) Scrub well to remove stain. Then we continue our usual washing.

On the other hand, if the stain is old and dry now, we can proceed in the same way, but instead of using dish soap, we use Marseille soap. Usually wash later and that’s it: everything will be as before.

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