Do you always have an itchy head? Find out the causes and possible treatments

The feeling of itching in the head, especially if it is on an ongoing basis, can be particularly unpleasant. Learn about its causes and how to treat it.

Sometimes the feeling of itching in the head is normal and has different and temporary causes. When the problem becomes fixed, finding relief seems really impossible. Most of the time, This may depend on the reasons why it is best to investigate Regarding issues that can range from the simple to the most important.

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From simple inflammation to dermatitis to fungi, the underlying causes of an itchy head are so many and often difficult to identify. for this reason It is better to understand how to act in order to act better Finding a solution can relieve symptoms.

Constant itching in the head: here are the reasons

Constant itching of the scalp could be a symptom of something wrong and should be investigated. Often, in fact, the presence of hair prevents us from noticing problems that, if they were on the skin, would immediately alert us. Another reason for Don’t lose sight of the situation And to find a possible solution to the constant itching that is often also associated with burning.

itchy head
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It is actually important to remember that in most cases, itching does not occur on its own but is often associated with other symptoms such as the burning mentioned above, The pain of the part you keep scratchingHair loss, reddening of the area, cracking of the skin and the formation of blisters or growths.

Depending on the different symptoms, a visit to a doctor (especially a dermatologist) should help in understanding the underlying causes of the problem.
Among the most common we find:

  • psoriasis
  • dandruff
  • bacterial infections
  • The presence of fungi
  • Allergies of all kinds
  • dry skin
  • lice
  • sunstroke
  • stress urticaria

Obviously, in order to arrive at a solution, it is very important to get the correct diagnosis from the doctor who, once the triggering problem is recognized, will evaluate the most appropriate treatment. In most cases, these are the lotions that should be applied to the skin By shampoo or in the case of fungi, antibiotics are used topically and taken orally.

In general, to alleviate the problem while waiting for a medical opinion, it is always recommended to eat properly and with foods to which you are sure you do not have an allergy. Moreover, even using natural head soaps and products as often as possible can help reduce itch symptoms. Taking care of your hair is really very important Both to face Falling due to brittle hair From relying on healthy skin. This also means avoiding prolonged exposure to moisture or using hair dryers that are too hot.

By starting to take care of yourself and once you have a targeted treatment, the problem should be resolved in no time. Which makes life easier, and the night’s rest, often weighed down by constant itching awakenings, is much better.

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