Do video games affect academic achievement? For the studio, yes

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The perverse myth of video games is back in class and school

Video games distract from school and homework: How many times have we heard it? A myth that has lasted for decades, although facts have on several occasions shown quite the opposite. A phrase specifically related to Parents’ point of view, Which often blames external causes Lack of attention and focus The children may be sought elsewhere.

Of course, there will also be those who waste their lives in front of a video without seriously dedicating themselves to anything, but in 2021, blaming video games for poor school performance is somewhat confusing. However, this is what he says again A study conducted by Rutgers University in New Brunswick, In New Jersey (USA).

This study compares the two Academic performance of middle school age students. On the one hand, those who use Video games and social media (Note how they are positioned together) for every More than an hour a day; On the other for whom (but who?) Less than an hour. And according to the study, the latter is the best in school.

The great conclusion: Parents, do not allow your children to use the Internet or video games For more than an hour a dayOh For more than four hours on weekends. Attach. First, these are the timelines that today’s adults may fail to meet first: It’s not uncommon to see a 50-year-old spend more time on the phone than someone 25 or 15.

Second: We also note that the study places them in the same category Video game activity and browsing on social media Or generally via the Internet. Obviously, these are very different things. First of all, video games, recently recognized in Italy as an art, present content, engage in thinking, present perspectives and stimulate curiosity, interest and learning.

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On the other hand, social media tends to present more than anything else View for comparison Which rarely delivers smart entertainment. And this more than anything else, It distorts and amplifies social, cultural and psychological phenomena. Connecting the two activities frankly seems out of place and does not indicate at all how much they affect, separately, academic performance.

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