Do this circuit and you’ll be speechless

Let’s see together how we can lose weight and at the same time reshape our physique from home.

as we know The warm season is approaching, even if it is not at the moment.

Because our whole beautiful peninsula is in the rain, but from now on, if we want to be perfect for fashion, we have to train.

Belly fat and firm thighs - do this circuit and you'll be left speechless
Belly Fat and Firm Thighs: Do this circuit and you’ll be speechless (Pixabay)

We always remember that in addition to movement, nutrition is also very important.

Goodbye belly fat and hello firm thighs!

But let’s see together, What exercises can we do to get tight thighs and lose some belly fat.

So let’s remember that another important detail is to have consistency with both your nutrition and your training.

And if we don’t have enough time at our disposal because we have too many obligations, what can we do?

there Some exercises that we can do at home that will leave us speechless about the result that we can get.

The exercises we are referring to are Amrap or “as many rounds as possible”, which is translated into Italian means as many rounds as possible in a period of time.

A set of exercises that must be repeated several times within a short period of time with few breaks.

This exercise is part of a method called Hiit, which is a very fast and intense method that helps us sculpt, but also helps us burn a lot of calories and reduce stress, which isn’t bad at all!

To make this circuit, Like we said, we only need 10 minutes, or 20 at most if we want to repeat it with 2-minute intervals.

But we recommend doing this, only when you are more trained and do not start twice.

Here is a list of what we need to do Practically never stop:

  • 15 Abdominal leg with raised legs
  • 8 sitting ups with closed feet
  • 15 straight leg jumps, first right and then left, lying on one side with elastic at the ankles, if we had otherwise, let’s do it without this detail
  • 10 back hops on all fours, with the leg extended up, first on one side and then on the other
  • 15 Bridge of the buttocks lying on your back with both feet on the floor

As you’ve seen, it’s pretty intense as a workout but if we can finish it and get consistent with training and nutrition, the results won’t be long in coming.

Belly fat and firm thighs - do this circuit and you'll be left speechless
Belly Fat and Firm Thighs: Do this circuit and you’ll be speechless (Pixabay)

We always remind you of that Before starting any kind of sports it is always a good idea to ask for the opinion of your doctor and personal trainer who will show us how not to make mistakes in the different situations of the exercises we are about to do.

because Making them sick, what we think is good for us then actually isn’t, so please always pay close attention!

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