Do random phone calls bother you a lot? Here’s how you can block them now

Aggressive telemarketing is now a constant: here’s a simple way to block all spam calls, once and for all!

Spam phone calls are becoming an increasingly common problem In our daily lives. How many times have you answered the phone, only to find out it was an unsolicited commercial offer or attempted scam?

How to protect yourself from unwanted calls
Spam calls have become a real daily torture –

Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to block these unwanted calls You find peace of mind in your phone calls. Here are some helpful tips To protect you from spam calls and take back control of your privacy.

Prevention is better than cure: Be careful to post your phone number

Before you block or fight back against unwanted calls, it is important that you do something to prevent them. Our phone number, like many of our other data, is now unfortunately in the hands of several marketing companies who advertise more or less legally. mostly We ourselves gave them our datathrough forms we fill out online or through websites we register with.

What we can do, however, is Limit posting our phone number. Avoid sharing it on social media, public forums, or untrustworthy websites. Remember that every time you share your number online, you increase the risk of it being picked up by unwanted third parties.

How to protect your phone number
It is very important to pay attention to which sites we contact with our phone number –

Whenever possible, consider using Temporary or virtual phone numbers for non-essential purposes. There are services that do the above and forward your calls and messages to your primary number, thus protecting your privacy.

If you want to monitor your online presence, you can search for your name and phone number on various search engines. This way you can Check if it has been made public Somehow. If you find any sensitive information, try to remove it from unauthorized sites.

Spam filter: not always working

Many cell phones provide the ability to Composition a block system for unwanted calls. Explore the options on your device and activate this feature to reject calls that you do not want to receive.

How to activate the spam filter
Spam filtering is a feature built into many phones, but it is often ineffective –

On Android devices, you can activate this feature in the phone settings. select the option “Caller ID and spamOnce activated, your phone will automatically be able to detect if an incoming call is suspicious, suspicious, or just a normal call.

In the case of Apple devices, to activate the call filter from unknown numbers, access the settings and select the “Phone” section. After that, scroll down and tap on the option “Mute unknown numbersto activate it. Calls from these numbers will be muted, routed to voicemail, and appear in your recent calls list.

Block calls one by one – the only method that really works

The most common and most adopted solution so far is to block the numbers from which unwanted calls come. Each mobile device is equipped with a system application that is used to make calls and store contacts in the address book. This application provides users with the ability to Create a list of numbers to blockincluding those that are considered spam.

Normally, to block an unknown or unwanted number, you just need to select the phone number and choose the option “Add to blacklistorBlock the number“.

How to block call center phone numbers
Blocking the unwanted number every time it calls is the most effective option at the moment –

On Android devices, this can be done from the primary “Phone” app. In the “Latest” section, you can view all numbers that have called us and Block them one by one.

Even in Apple smartphones, there is a system application for blocking unwanted calls. As with Android, you need to open the “Phone” application and select the “Recent” section. Here you can view the list of outgoing calls in chronological order. To block a number, just click on the iconthenext to the phone number and select the option “Call blocking’, to confirm the action twice.

Third party applications to block unwanted calls

In addition to the blocking features that Apple and Google provide directly, they are also present external applications that allow you to block unwanted calls. Play Store and App Store both offer a wide range of these apps. Very useful applications in this context are true callerAnd Should I answer And REKK Call Blocker.

App to find unknown numbers
External applications are a valid help, but also in this case we give our data to some companies –

All three applications are available Free For both Android and Apple and we offer users an effective way to deal with the problem of spam calls or telemarketing.

Specifically, these applications require User consent To enter your phone number in their database. Thanks to this, every time a call is received from an operator that has been reported as spam by another user, the application will automatically report the call as spam or block it.

Last option: record oppositions, a real failure

As of July 27, 2022, the Public register of objections. This is a free service available to all citizens who wish to oppose the use of their phone numbers for advertising and marketing purposes.

To join the registration, you can fill out an online form on the Public Objection Service website or you can call the toll free number 800 957 766 from a land line or 06 42 98 64 11 from a mobile phone.

How to register in the objections register
The opposition’s record has turned out to be a fiasco –

by registering your phone number in the service, All previous subscriptions will be canceled for marketing purposesUnless they include actual contracts with a phone company or service provider.

However, even in such cases, there will still be individuals or companies that decide to operate illegally. Last February, the head of Federconsumatori also defined the tool as “Not very effective‘, but it can still help you save some calls.

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