Do apps keep crashing? The solution comes directly from Google

Despite the developers’ continuous efforts, It is possible for the app to constantly crash on AndroidMost of the time, there is no solution to problems of this kind and it is difficult to solve everything. A new feature from Google promises to help users fix app crashes.

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This new feature comes with the November update for Play Store system from Google. I mention it for the Play Store system It does not refer exclusively to the Play Store app Which we find in all Android smartphones, however Google Play Services as wellor that series of services that allow applications to integrate with the Google ecosystem and other company services.

In change we talk in a general way about a job “It will help users to fix app crashes with new update requests”but an Android expert Mishaal Rahman They found out something more by digging into the code: these are the strings Rahman found that best explain how they work:

Update the app to fix the crashes

The app has stopped working, but the latest app update may fix the problem.

Install the update and open the app again. If you want to update later, go to %1$s in Google Play

Basically, if an app is constantly crashing, Google will display a pop-up stating that a recent update to the aforementioned app can fix the problem so what It would be better to update. There will also be a popup Quick link to play storeTo update the application immediately.

Developers will probably have to work a bit to integrate their apps with this feature, which will be available in the coming weeks, but it sure is A function that can be useful for less tech-savvy usersMaybe this They don’t know the steps to follow to manually update an app.

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