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Lance Riddick He recently posted a tweet that proves he’s working hard on his motion capture session for Forbidden horizon westas clearly stated in the letter, which suggests the possibility DLC or expansions coming.

Modernization: While we were breaking the news, Reddick’s tweet was deleted, which can also be confirmation that he was reporting classified information. You can see a screenshot below.

Original article:
Lance Riddick, an appreciated actor who made many films and TV series such as Oldboy, John Wick series, The Wire, Fringe, Corporate and many others, took an active part in the cast of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West in this role. From SilenceSo it is normal that you have undergone different sessions to capture the movement.

Reddick tweet screenshot, later deleted

The strange thing is, in this case, the session seems to be Recently, so it was implemented after the release of Horizon Forbidden West, which indicates new content is coming. The use of the actor and mo-cap also means that there are also important narrative elements which will obviously include Sylens.

We can’t take it as official or accurate information, but the post is from today so it’s clear that something is simmering in the pot, if it’s not an old video and I’m reusing it without particular reasons. So we can expect some news regarding Horizon Forbidden West in the coming period, considering that it has yet to receive a major expansion like The Frozen Wilds had for Horizon Zero Dawn and something like that may be on the way.

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