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Cuphead was and still is an incredibly successful video gamebacked by good game design ideas, a unique aesthetic, great animations and a satisfying formula, as demonstrated by us at Cuphead Review. That’s why in 2018 when Studio MDHR announced the arrival of a DLC dedicated to a pair of anthropomorphic mugs, many were thrilled to be able to play it.

However, many have always asked themselves a question: Could downloadable content be able to improve an experience like Cuphead? Now that The Delicious Last Course is between us, we can tell you yes – Cuphead had room for improvement – and more. The development team has actually managed to surpass itself and prove once again that it is one of the most virtuous truths in a video game jigsaw and now we explain why.

Fourth Island: Whoops!

The main content of The Delicious Last Course is clearly the new island to tackle, accessible to anyone who has arrived and at least completed the first shrine of the Inkwell Islands archipelago. The narrative premise revolves around Miss Chalice, who will present Cuphead and Mugman with a mysterious cookie. As soon as you nibble on the candy, The second finds himself trapped in the astral plane It is usually inhabited by the Mush Chalice, which will take its place in physical reality for a few minutes.

This strange phenomenon is due to the amazing abilities of Chef Saltbakerthe island’s most famous chef, who produced the biscuit and is confident he can free Miss Chalice forever from the astral plane to give her a physical body thanks to his recipes.

In fact, the various chiefs to be confronted under the unprecedented scenario, are not as beholden to the devil as those who inhabit the Inkwell Islands but are guardians of the basic components For the ultimate Saltbaker recipe, a candy finally able to give a body to the heroine without having to lock someone else in her place in the astral dimension (here Special summarizes the story of Cuphead). The delicious last course adds up to the basic package well Six new main enemies, everything that is usual is characterized by divine vitality. As for the scenarios that are the background to the clashes, and also under the scattering of the environmental narrative, we can’t help but say the same words of praise. Studio MDHR has not only created additional content, but also expanded it The fun possibilities offered by Cuphead.

In fact, many boss battles have proven to be unique, as they are able to offer the player new challenges. Fighting against howl offers aces 360 degree screen rotationThe game with Snow Cult starts in the traditional way and then progresses vertically in the last stage, where you have to dodge enemy attacks and while jumping on constantly moving platforms, while the final battle is decorated with Fun strokes of genius Frankly, we don’t want to add anything so as not to spoil the surprise.

To this must be added the presence of a floating castle above the island, from which four “unconventional” challenges of increasing difficulty can be accessed.

This is a completely optional section that, in addition to taking the place of traditional pistol levels, is based on one simple rule: You can’t shoot. In fact, each of the villains inside the castle must be defeated using only the parry and not the different attack types that can be equipped, in a very similar way to what was done inside the shrines. It is about bossfight it A radical change in the approach to the gameSometimes they even go so far as to distort it. The castle is the only way to accumulate a few coins in the DLC stages, as it doesn’t include any levels for guns. Some might be sorry, we know, but the reason they were left out was precisely to introduce Miss Chalice as a playable heroine.

Freshness of Miss Chalice

The addition of the third character drastically changed the balance of gameplay. Miss Challis, in fact, has a completely different driving scheme than that of Cuphead and Mugman. First of all, it has the ability to perform double jumps without having to take advantage of the boost offered by the parry – at a base jump cost slightly less than the other jumps – and also dodge him at the same time Barry. To be able to save his boots, you have to run towards the obstacle and not jump and then press the same button a second time in a row, as happens with Cuphead or Mugman.

It is located around Big little revolution Which requires you to fight your muscle memory in order to exploit it in the best way, but at the same time it is a technique of undoubted effectiveness. Controlling the Miss Chalice is easier than controlling the two cups, and the fact that she can do double jumps without going through the bar makes it even easier. Both platforming and some dribbling.

As the team has repeatedly said, the heroine was developed even before thinking about the different bosses that will occupy The Delicious Last Course, because the main goal was to make it perfectly playable also on the other three islands without unbalancing the individual stages. . The result is success: the Little Cup of the Soul Fits perfectly with all the original boss battlesmaking some of them a little simpler thanks to its capabilities and others more complex.

Run ‘n’ divisions don’t do particularly well, which if you play with Miss Chalice you almost lose sight of her talents. Perhaps because of this degree of simplification, in the role of the heroine, one is forced to abandon the charm, which takes its place instead of the star biscuits prepared by Saltbaker. Anyway, this is the best addition to The Delicious Last Course, and it’s a perfect excuse to re-tack each level individually. Among the other welcome innovations introduced by the studio, the new stuff should definitely be mentioned. I don’t pay for the content we already mentioned, Studio MDHR is also clarified Both the list of magic and the list of available weapons. In addition to the biscuit that allows you to play as the character Miss Chalice, in fact, the heart ring must be reported, a ring that is able to return the player to HP in accordance with the first parry performed, the third, the fifth, and so on. Not a small novelty, it can only be used by Cuphead and Mugman, who want to offer greater accessibility than in the past and which will surely delight beginners.

Mind you, The Delicious Last Course didn’t change the Cuphead In one easy video game: In fact, you keep dying over and over and to defeat the new and intimidating bosses, you have to go through a cycle of trial and error, cleared of the unprecedented approach possibilities associated with various builds. The same goes for the new weapons introduced by the DLC, which expands an already diverse arsenal With four new types of shooting Designed to adapt your style to any eventuality.

The future of Studio MDHR

Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course is another great study test from MDHR, which despite its humble beginnings in 2017 has been able to get people talking by offering players really new visuals along with a fun and exciting recipe. Well, this successful expansion can give us more than just a preview of what the team can work on in the future, especially if it’s From another numbered chapter of Cuphead.

In this respect, the fact that ‘n’ rifle levels did not find a place on The Delicious Last Course is perhaps further evidence of the maturity of Studio MDHR, which is now more aware of its product’s strengths and therefore more capable. make full use of them, As evidenced by the challenges of the castle in the sky. For now, we can’t help but celebrate the countless success of the group, which has given us an experience that is impeccable in both technical and purely aesthetic terms, as well as fun and damned fun.

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