Djokovic is willing to lose World No. 1 so he won’t be vaccinated: What tournaments will he miss

Not only will Novak Djokovic miss the Australian Open, he won’t even play in the US and Roland Garros without a vaccine and risk losing the No. 1 ATP player as well.

Novak Djokovic has returned to his homeland after being expelled from Australia. Djokovic was disqualified because he was not vaccinated. The athlete’s decision had immediate effects on the Australian Open, as he does not compete in the first Grand Slam 2022, but his decision, in all likelihood, will also have an impact on his entire season. A rejection of the vaccine could also affect the career of the Serbian tennis player, who risks being able to play too few tournaments and from He can lose first place especially in the ATP rankings. If Djokovic continues his determination not to get vaccinated against Covid, he literally risks destroying or even ending his career. But of course it must be said that the scenario can change, and quickly, too. Every country can change their rules, the Omicron variant has led to a quick change of rules in Italy, and there could be countries that can grant an exemption to Djokovic, who at the moment and at least for a few more months will not be able to vaccinate against Covid.

The Djokovic case is also well known to those who followed him. The conclusion came at the end of ten days of shooting when the tennis player’s second appeal was rejected. The Serbian does not argue in the Australian Open, does not defend the title in Melbourne and will find out from home the results of his opponents day in and day out. Novak will continue to train knowing full well that without a vaccine he will have very few chances to play important tournaments and that is why he appears to be heading towards losing his puck. Number 1 is already in danger after Melbourne, but Medvedev and Zverev, who are following him closely before spring comes, will have a chance to beat him.

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What tournaments can Djokovic play and which tournaments he can’t score

Looking at the tennis calendar, it is very easy to understand what the dates of Djokovic could be, he is more likely to play in Dubai after skipping Melbourne, where there is no need to vaccinate to enter, there you need a plug when entering the country. In the Emirates, he won a lot and could also present himself in the next month of February, and among the top 14 there is also the victory of 2020 (which is equal to 500 points). Then the calendar for March includes designations for Indian Wells and Miami, the “1000” tournaments, however, in this case, the Serb will not play. because He cannot enter the United States Those who have not completed the vaccination process, other than any covid infection (which Djokovic contracted in December). The tournaments held on clay in the spring are no problem: the 1000 in Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome, as well as the 250 in Belgrade, organized by the Djokovic family. But by then, the world number one position may have already lost it.

Thanks to Djokovic for reminding us that the rules must be respected (and vaccination helps)

Djokovic risks losing #1 after the Australian Open

not argue in Australian Open The Serbian puts the number one spot in the standings at great risk, which he will surely lose if one wins between Medvedev or Zverev in Melbourne. Both, however, will win the first steel on February 21, because the 2021 edition points expire in mid-February, exactly twelve months after they were disputed and won by Djokovic. If Medvedev does not win or win the Australian Open ZverevDjokovic will be firmly in the lead, but it will be a matter of weeks. Because both Medvedev and Zverev were able to put the arrow, but also Tsitsipas. Given that Indian Wells and Miami give 1,000 points to the winners and 600 to the finalists, the chase is going to be really big. Novak may have to abdicate after two consecutive years and more than 350 weeks at the top (since 2011).

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Also in France there will be mandatory vaccinations for athletes, Novak can also skip Roland Garros

And Djokovic may slip down in the summer standings because he cannot currently compete at Roland Garros, which he won in an unusual fashion last year, with straight wins over Berrettini, Nadal and Tsitsipas. Because even France, by special law, has decided not to allow athletes who have not completed the vaccination process to enter the country. That would already be the case between February and March for the Six Nations rugby players, who would not be able to compete without a vaccine. And by not vaccinating him, Djokovic will not play, in this case Nol He will lose another 2000 points And he could also end up outside the top five in world tennis. Without thinking about what could happen in the second half of the season. In fact, it will be necessary to know the rules of England for Wimbledon, and then the American summer comes with the conclusion of the US Open, which can not even be in conflict with it. The consequences of not vaccinating, on an athlete’s level, could cost him dearly.

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