Djokovic and US Open vaccines in danger: “It depends on the US government”

The Serbian’s beliefs regarding Covid and vaccines do not change: with the current rules he could not play in New York

After the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic also risks losing the US Open due to his convictions about Covid and vaccines. In fact, the Serb remains inflexible in his positions even if it would cost him to participate in the New York Championship. Under current rules, he will be effectively expelled from the US Championship. Indeed, the US authorities have maintained a vaccination obligation for those who wish to enter the country, and this would prevent Djokovic from playing the last Grand Slam of the season.


“So far, given the circumstances, I’m not allowed into the states – Djokovic’s words were from London – ‘I’d like to go there and play there, but it’s not possible at the moment. So all of this is another motivation to do a good job here at Wimbledon. The number 3 in the ATP rankings back then was pretty fatal in terms of the possibility of things having a positive twist: ‘There’s not much I can do, so today I give up. That depends on the US government, not on me.”

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