Djokovic and the Australian Open vaccine “exempt” will be ready

The government of Victoria and Tennis Australia will be close to reaching an agreement that will allow the first player to take the field in Melbourne even though a vaccination has not been announced. Organizers: “He did not cancel himself from the ATP Cup”

We know about Federer. We put our hearts at peace. If he comes back he won’t do it before the summer and maybe even at his beloved Wimbledon. Now wait for the other two companions 2o Slam. Will Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal play their first major tournament of the season? Rafa, between Covid and injury, will work on recovery and show it on social media. Conflicting news about the number 1 in the world leaked: a few days ago, the Serbian daily flash, announced that Novak has canceled himself from the ATP Cup, a tag team tournament that begins January 1 in Sydney. Soon after, the organizers denied that Djokovic had not yet retired from any tournament.


And therefore? The only sure thing is that Djokovic, for the time being, has not left for Australia yet. He’s training at his tennis center in Belgrade, and he’s waiting, apparently, for the good news from Sydney. In fact, sources close to Tennis Australia have revealed to the Serbian press that they are looking for a way to get the No. 1 player in the world to play even without a vaccine, with a special medical exemption. The chance of seeing the Serbian champion win the 10 Down Under title is pretty good. It is very important for the championship vaults to have such oomph as the number 1 seed in the world willing to surpass Rafa and Roger in 21 slams. According to Blake, very close negotiations are underway between Tennis Australia and the Victorian government to allow tennis players who “have not disclosed whether they have been vaccinated or not” to play in Melbourne. It will even be about ten players. time is running out.

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