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Distress for foreign work also in the UK: in 2021 there were two Ukrainian workers out of three

Visas issued by United kingdom to me seasonal workers Last year, about two-thirds of them were released Ukrainian workers. The current situation in Ukraine will inevitably have repercussions for recruiting on British farms.

Based on the immigration statistics of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of the Interior, In 2021, nearly 20,000 visas for seasonal workers were granted to Ukrainian citizens, i.e. 67% of the total. were citizens of Ukrainian nationality The second largest number after Indiais among those who obtained a UK work visa in 2021, almost exclusively for seasonal work visas.

“Over the past 15 years, the bulk of the migrant workers arriving in the UK have come from EU countries. Now the vast majority come from non-EU countries. Madeleine Sumption, Director of the University of Oxford Migration Observatory commented: “The data shows the extent to which farms are reliant on The British government is particularly concerned with Ukrainian workers.

But The situation in Ukraine raises fears of major disruptions in the flow of seasonal workers this year. Some recruitment agencies target other countries such as Mongolia, Tajikistan, and the Philippines.

(Source: Financial Times, Photo:

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