Disneyland Paris: The Art of Marvel Hotel Inspired by the MCU

The property features themed rooms, art galleries and many interactive activities dedicated to America’s most famous city and superhero saga.

theThe proposed hotel offer at Disneyland Paris, in the summer of 2021, is enriched by the opening of the Disney Hotel in New York – The Art of Marvel. It is the first hotel in the world dedicated to him Marvel artworks This will make superheroes and superheroes happy. The hotel is a few minutes’ walk from the Disney parks four stars – Furnished like an art gallery in New York – honoring the Marvel Super Heroes and the artists who made them.

Disney New York – Fun Marvel offers the ultimate in comfort Through personalized services to celebrate New York City’s vibrant culture and energy. by more than Show 350 works – Including 50 exclusives – Created by over 110 artists from Europe and the world – Represents one of the largest Marvel collections.

Upon entering the hotel lobby, guests will feel that they are an integral part of the Marvel universe Thanks to the huge backlit panel, to a giant costume of Iron Man And to the faithful copies of the shield captain America. Here are the features and surprises the structure can offer to visitors of all ages.

Custom Marvel art collection

Disney New York Hotel – The Art of Marvel contains one of the largest Marvel collections in the world, with over 350 works on display, including 50 never-before-seen exclusives. Inside the hotel is a veritable collection of contemporary art contributed by over 110 Marvel comic and movie artists. Represent All of the Marvel universe with comic covers, posters, movie illustrations, boards, and original graphics And much more. From Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom to Argentina, Japan, Canada and the United States, a variety of styles from classic black and white, street and pop art, ultra-realism, embossed metal and collage art. So here are the European artists who created these exclusive works.

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Artist Show

The twins of Italian designers, Van Orton They made pop art with gods ritratti in stylish neon as di Hulk, Captain America, Black Panther e Captain Marvel Using bright and vibrant colours.

French Marvel artist Olivier Coipel, best known for his work on Avengers, Thor and Spider-Man, create a strong representation of Thor, god of thunder with comic style, by installing red and blue colors to highlight the duality between the superhero and human and using a forced perspective to highlight the event.

French Marvel Stéphanie Hans, author of comics such as Asgardians of Galaxy, Black Bolt and many othersCreate a powerful and realistic image for designers Captain Marvel, photographed in the heat of battle, surrounded by her powers of light.

British artist Tula Lotay, author of Marvel comics with stories for characters such as Black Widow, Gamora and Scarlet WitchCreate a powerful and vibrant comic book style by Black Widow Her black outfit contrasts strikingly with the colorful background. Liam Brazier, known for his geometric reinterpretation of iconic characters, has created many works for the hotel including some contemporary portraits of Captain America, Thor Hulk Using saturated and bright colors along with fonts that highlight the dynamism of the superhero pose.

Instead, Spanish artist Carlos Gomez has created a massive black and white backlit painting that represents the extraordinary and eventful history of the Avengers. Who meet in New York, understood by everyone even without dialogue. The painting greets hotel guests as they enter the lobby.

Other display areas

Inside Disney’s New York Hotel – Marvel Art, there is a space for temporary art exhibitions, Jack Kirby Legacy Gallery, which will display artworks for a limited period of time. This area also presents a permanent exhibition dedicated to Jack Kirby – “The King of Comics” – With 21 covers he designed. to him that we owe to Create the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, The Adventures of Thor and The Avengers.

Guests interested in learning behind the scenes of the works displayed in the lobby and at the Jack Kirby Legacy Gallery can ask Art Guardians for more information., a selection of cast members who have received specific technical training.

The boutique is inspired by Tony Stark’s famous Wall Of Armor, collectible figurines, art books, exclusive comic book editions and many other things related to hotel architecture and design, including some Statues cloning Iron Man’s armor are on display in the lobby.

Other special areas

Visitors can take a selfie with Spider-Man in an exclusive and immersive space. In the Marvel Photo Station Instead, they’ll be able to film them inside each other Filming locations inspired by famous films. Among these, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Ant-Man, The Avengers, Thor, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

Marvel Design Studio, a creative space for families with children, is the perfect place to unleash your creativity Learn to draw, thanks to private lessons, with the same techniques used by the great Marvel cartoonists. In this ultra-bright interior space inspired by Marvel Animators Bull Pen adults will be able to view a selection of Marvel artwork while the little ones will enjoy digital activities Read some of their favorite comics and create their own adventures using the available Marvel games.

The hotel also offers new leisure and sports activities for the whole familyInspired by the stories of New York and Marvel. the Metro pool, indoor and outdoor pools, kids pools, fitness room, champion training area. It’s a field multi sports With an area of ​​420 square metres, inspired by the style of New York and Marvel superheroes, it will offer dedicated areas for children and activities for adults such as basketball, fitness and yoga.


All 561 rooms at Disney New York Hotel – The Art of Marvel are designed in a contemporary style that reflects urban flair., Sophisticated and refined by Tony Stark. Each room, which will have Marvel artwork inside, will offer every convenience such as HDTV hidden by mirrors on the walls.

Guests who choose one of the 65 Empire State Club rooms or one of the 25 Empire State Club suites will enjoy additional premium services.Dedicated front desk, complimentary baggage service, and entry to the Empire State Lounge, an elegant private area where you can eat breakfast or have snacks and drinks throughout the day. The 25 super spacious wings are entirely dedicated to Spider-Man, Avengers or Marvel Superheroes With unique artwork and contemporary décor.

Tema Spider-Man Suite.  Via Disneyland Paris.

Tema Spider-Man Suite. Via Disneyland Paris.

Architectural and decorative elements have been added to the suites to enhance the uniqueness of the hotel. For example in Spider-Man Suites, the Ceiling design inspired by the iconic Spider-Man web And on the sidewalk are shades of red with the outline of the city skyline. Avengers Wings Celebrates Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.

Each avenger is the protagonist of a work of art displayed in the wings with references in the furnishings to costumes or to a superhero story. For example, guests will find a chair in the colors of the Captain America costume and a backrest in the shape of Thor’s Asgard. over there The Art of Marvel Presidential Suite spans two floors. Allows guests to live like Tony Stark Thanks to the large living room and upscale décor. There’s also exclusive Marvel artwork for each room, extra space, amenities and amenities to make your stay extra comfortable.

catering services

Elle Disney New York Hotel – Marvel Art From Disneyland Paris will be proposed A wide range of New York specialties and a full range of Marvel meals and drinksFor adults and children. the Manhattan Restaurant It is a casual and contemporary restaurant serving traditional Italian dishes that have been reconsidered and refined ingredients sourced directly from Italy. Its design is an excellent example of Marvel universe and New York style fusion. The majestic crystal chandelier evokes the Manhattan skyline and the kingdom of Asgard’s Thor.

On the other hand, Downtown Restaurant is a culinary journey through cosmopolitan New York City. Buffet that serves a mix of specialties and dishes prepared directly in front of the guests with references chinatown, Little Italy and American classics. It is a contemporary restaurant inspired by the Art Deco era and a celebration of the art and traditions of comedy.

Skyline Bar serves sophisticated martini cocktails and premium beverages, along with light bites and American fare. In addition, aThe formal atmosphere is inspired by the interiors of Tony Stark and the Avengers headquarters. Guests make an impression Being inside a trendy luxury bar in the heart of Manhattan. do not miss panoramic windows With a breathtaking view of the famous New York skyline.

Le Skyline Bar.  Via Disneyland Paris.

Le Skyline Bar. Via Disneyland Paris.

Finally, Bleecker Street Lounge is an elegant lounge reminiscent of the lofts in downtown Manhattan with exposed bricks. Here is a precise reference to Doctor Strange and the Sanctum Sanctorum of Bleecker Street located in Greenwich Village. Casual and trendy, it serves Dr. Strange-inspired drinks for adults and kids, plus snacks, American desserts, beer, organic wine, and even hot chocolate.

Make a reservation

To reduce waiting times at check-in, guests can pre-register online seven days prior to arrival. They’ll just need to collect their Magic Pass at the front desk before they start exploring Disney theme parks like Disneyland Paris. Once the room is ready, Guests will be informed of the number via SMS or email.

To help visitors organize their stay, Super Hero Station Mobile Booking will allow you to Book an exclusive Spider-Man encounter seven days prior to arrival for an unforgettable selfie.

The technology will also be used to improve the in-room experience. These will, among other amenities, have a TV with a completely redesigned interface to be more attractiveIt is informative and fun with accessibility Free digital content library With over 5,000 titles, from 100 countries, and available in over 60 languages.

Source: Disneyland Paris.

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