Disney, Netflix and other companies will help their employees financially

Paramount, Comcast, Warner Bros. Discovery, Sony, Meta and many others also opposed the new Supreme Court’s decision.

It was news a few days ago that, in the United States, Supreme court Aborted abortion, in particular Roe v. Wade’s law Which guarantees it on a federal scale. Now, however, every American state will have the right to choose how it is run. An unexpected decision that immediately saw a strong reaction from the American people, who immediately began protests in Washington, with many politicians (mostly Democrats) siding against the choice. A decision that will have dire consequences not only in America but also in the rest of the world and some important actors in the entertainment world have already expressed their utmost support and assistance to women.

We are talking, according to official reports diversefrom companies like DisneyAnd the NetflixAnd the BasicAnd the ComcastAnd the Warner Bros.And the DiscoveryAnd the SonyAnd the Half And many others who have already stated that they will fully support their employees in the face of the Supreme Court’s decision. In particular, many of these companies have considered the same approach, i.e. offsetting travel expenses to allow women to have a safe abortion, as well as making it possible to relocate to other states. Faced with such a strong and decisive situation, we cannot help but be amazed at how well the entertainment world has already chosen a clear direction to help the employees involved in the best possible way.

In any case, it will be necessary to see the media effect that a similar decision, very powerful, but perhaps also very uncomfortable for a person will have. The debate these days is sure to get hotter, but it is good to see how some companies, as well as politicians, celebrities and business personalities have already highlighted their commitment to helping all women in need.

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