Dismissal, Defense College expels Trump

From envoy to New York. Trump was left without lawyers to impeach him. All five members of the defense team led by Butch Bowers withdrew for the February 9 trial, and were replaced by two other attorneys last night. The reason is the disagreement over the strategy to be adopted, which nonetheless draws attention to why Republicans think carefully before acquitting them.

The attorneys wanted to build a serious defense, based on the fact that removing the outgoing president had no significant constitutional meaning, and accordingly did not organize the January 6 attack on Congress or inform the public what to do.

Donald believes instead that the defense is simple, he can lead it himself, and in any case should be based on the unproven claim that Biden stole the election. This indicates that not only has it understood and accepted its responsibilities for the uprising, but that it does not give up the lies it has stirred and intends to continue to play a destabilizing role in the civil and political life of the country.

Responsibility rests with the 45 Republican senators who had already voted not to hold the trial, as they gave him a guarantee of solutions. If Trump had feared conviction, he would have prepared a serious defense of his first impeachment trial. But since he already knows he will not be indicted, he aims instead to turn the verdict into a show of reviving his political ambitions. And this is precisely why Republicans are reconsidering the streak.

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