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In Swidon Cave there are also traces of Neanderthals.

The most important discovery of the Ice Age could be the one in which it was discovered United kingdom, by a team of archaeologists who discovered The remains of at least five woolly mammoths Stone tools made by Neanderthals. This was announced by DigVentures, the company responsible for drilling a quarry in Swindon, 90 kilometers west of London. According to the details published by the company, it was found during the 2019 and 2021 exploration seasons The skeletons of five mammoth specimens In the Ice Age, two adults, two boys and a newborn; One of the species that inhabited our planet at the end of a period characterized by a temperate climate and high temperatures, known as MIS7, that is, between 210,000 and 220,000 years ago.

Moreover, fangs, leg bones, ribs and vertebrae belonging to a type of steppe mammoth, which is smaller than the woolly mammoth, were discovered, as well as beetle wings and fragile freshwater snail shells. Scientists also found physical evidence that the quarry itself was occupied Neanderthals After finding a number of flint tools, such as axes, knives and scrapers that are believed to have been used for cutting meat and cleaning animal skins. Meanwhile, researchers continue to explore why so many mammoth remains were found at the site. The goal is to look for cuts or scrapes on bones, in order to determine whether prehistoric creatures died of natural causes, were hunted or used as food by Neanderthals.

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