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Explore the future prospects of space exploration with an exceptional guide: the first Italian astronaut to board the International Space Station, Umberto Guidoni. It takes place at ‘Space calls iSchool’, a meeting for children and science enthusiasts organized by iSchool today, from 11 to 12, at the institute’s headquarters at Ghislandi Road 57 in Bergamo and in a live broadcast on the school’s website and on ANSA.

“For my generation, says Gidoni, space was an almost impossible dream, and only a few hundred people were able to fly out of Earth’s atmosphere and enjoy our beautiful blue planet. Things have changed and today’s students are champions for future missions to the moon and Mars.”

The meeting, led by physicist and journalist Silvia Kamisasca, will be a unique opportunity to get closer to knowledge of the scientific language, and a gateway to confronting the challenges of a rapidly evolving and guiding tomorrow amidst the many uncertainties and many opportunities.

“We very much want our students to meet extraordinary people like astrophysicist Umberto Guidoni,” confirmed Valentina Vibe and Francesco Malcangi, owners of iSchool. “Science is a fundamental language of our lives that today more than ever needs to be rediscovered and loved: this is a task that belongs above all to the new generations.”

“Space calls iSchool” also opens the iSchool Open Day calendar scheduled for Sunday 6th, Saturday 19th November, Saturday 17th December, and Saturday 21st January.

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