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Love Island Italia, Giulia De Lellis’ new interactive dating show airs exclusively on Discover+ website from June 7, 2021.

Starting June 7, 2021 The social experience of the first interactive dating show Italian: love island italy, in the exclusive broadcast Discover +.

influence on him Julia de Lillis drives the program that Follows the days of a group of singles for four weeks Guests at Villa A Gran Canaria. While that, Cosma, famous for his funny voiceovers, is the narrator of the entire experience. His voice over is helpful for Involve the public in general. if necessary, Revealing in advance, without the lovers’ knowledge, the decisive moments from each episode.

The program is made by Fremantle Italyin partnership with Discovery Italy. The shape is owned by ITV Studios and Motion Content Group. Furthermore it, MEETICThe dating app for singles who want to start a committed relationship, is Official Sponsor of Love Island Italia.

Finally, the audio clip for love island italy, signed by the rapper the shadow. It’s a song called “in an hour”.

Discover Love Island Italia +, il . format

Form love island italy It is he who led to success More than 20 issues have already been broadcast in many countries around the world.

Ten singles, five boys and five girls in their early twenties, Guests at a dream villa in Gran Canaria; The third largest island in macaronisiaIt is the second most populous island Canary Archipelago.

The goal of the participants is simple: Find your soul mate. or anyway, Don’t stay single while broadcasting. To achieve the goal, they encounter several Proof, the so-called shells, they face each other in context Everyday life and they pass Four weeks together in the villa.

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winning couple, The most consistent at the end of the four weeks, wins a token gold prize worth 20,000 euros. But not only: the winner and the winner is reserved Surprise yet to be revealed. We’ll only know more in the last round of the programme. We only know that surprise is useful To test the true affinity between the winners. To understand whether their union I was born out of sincere feelings, or out of strategy.

Italy’s first interactive dating show

Gradually they will form Couples among young participants, which, however, is compared to Jealousy, betrayals, mood changes and emotions. boys and girls love island italy You have a choice change partners at any time; By following the regulation that states the so-called re-pairing (Repair).

However, until the final, is The audience to determine the fate of spouses, By voting through the special Love Island Italia app Who should be eliminated and who can continue the game. The app is available Free It The App Store is Google Play.

through the app The audience can already learn more about life Program participants, follow their movements in the villa 24 hours a day; Participate in polls and vote, episode by episode, for your favorite couple and the person who, instead, Want to eliminate her from a dating show.

So the app Divided into different sectionsThe public can explore it freely at any time.

  • home section: Where the latest news from the villa is shared in real time.
  • lovers screen: Where you can get to know singles better, consult their profiles and receive updates about their Love Island Italia journey.
  • PLAY section: Where the tests encountered by the lovers and the most exciting key moments in each episode will be shared with the users.
  • Voting screen: which can finally vote to eliminate disadvantaged participants.
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The 10 participants from Love Island Italia

Here are the names of the ten young men who participated in the experiment love island italy. Guests for four weeks in a villa in Gran Canaria, They hope to fall in love and find a soul mate.

castings are over, Here are the names of the ten Italian participants: i Lovers, as they are called during a dating show.

  • Denise (24); Model originally from Padua.
  • Christian (23); Warehouse worker in Milan.
  • Daniel (21); A building contractor based in Carrara.
  • Antonio (28); Competitive boxer Palmeritane.
  • Caesar (27); Owner of a restaurant in Florence.
  • Juliet (23); Model born in Milan.
  • Monica (24); Graduated in Economics from Rome.
  • Julia (23); A student from Rome.
  • Christina (23); Saleswoman in a women’s beauty shop in Mantova.
  • Rebecca (23); Graduated in Humanities, born in Milan.

Discover the island of love, Italy +

Foreword by Julia de Lillis and Narrator Kuzma

Julia de Lillis, Love Island Italia presenter, Italian influencer and television personality. On social channels operated by De Lellis It has more than 5 million followers. His career begins with participation in men and women Since 2016; followed by a call to Big Brother VIP, 2017 edition.

While that, Cosma, full name Cosma brussani, is the creator He is famous for his funny voice overs, often irreverent, from celebrities and viral videos online. Kuzma starts her career from the actorHe is part of the cast of national television series such as mobile teamAnd the Anti Mafia Team 3And the Race Roma 3And the God help usAnd the Police District e Don Mateo.

finally, Thanks to the success of his videos, The actor was called by talent Sky x factor; Where does he give his voice? Audio improvisations and graphics Championship referees and participants. He is now a narrator Italy love island su discovery+.

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