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Do you have memory problems? From today no longer according to the results of a study conducted in Beijing by a group of experts and lasted ten years. It will be a conditional memory leak led lifestyle. to avoid being Forgetting Before time, researchers discovered that those over 60 who lived healthier, more regular lives later enjoyed Greater benefits.

Previous research was insufficient to assess the impact of a healthy lifestyle on memory performance, but the Beijing study now appears to have identified the problem.

The importance of remembering

Memory is an essential function of daily life and it continually decreases with age. compromising quality of life productivity and an increased risk of dementia.

“A combination of positive health behaviors is associated with a slower rate of memory decline in cognitively normal older adults,” the researchers wrote. National Center for Neurological Disorders BeijingChina.

Combining healthy lifestyle choices” reduces the likelihood of progression to moderate Cognitive impairment and dementiathey added.

I am studying

The researchers analyzed 29,000 adults Over the age of 60 with normal cognitive function who participated in the study The China Study of Cognition and Aging.

At the start of the study in 2009, memory function was measured with tests and people were studied for their genes parental (The gene that affects the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, ed.). Then the subjects were monitored 10 years With periodic evaluations. People with the Apoe gene, who generally had a healthy life, experienced a slower rate of memory decline than those with the Apoe gene and therefore less healthy.

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Combines a healthy lifestyle You are factorsHealthy diet, regular exercise, active social contact, cognitive activity, no smoking and alcohol.

  • For a healthy diet, you need to eat at least 7 out of 12 Food groups: fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products, salt, oil, eggs, grains, legumes, nuts, and tea.
  • Write, read, or play cards or other games at least twice a week.
  • Other instructions include Do not drink alcoholDoing more than 150 minutes of physical activity per week at a moderate intensity or more than 75 minutes at a vigorous intensity. Even abstaining from smoking helps not to lose your memory.
  • Get social contact at least twice a week. Visit family, meet friends, attend events, or go to parties.

“Eating well, getting regular exercise, playing cards and socializing at least twice a week can help slow it down memory decline rate and reduce the risk of dementia,” explains the 10-year Beijing study.

Doctor Susan MitchellHead of Policy at Alzheimer’s Research UK said: “This is a well-conducted study, which followed people over a long period of time and adds strong evidence that a healthy lifestyle can help support memory and thinking skills as we age.

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