Discover a new solar system | There is a planet very similar to Earth

Astronomers have discovered a new planetary system orbiting a bright star: Interplanetary, even Earth-like.

It need not be hidden that one of the main goals of NASA and the astronomical community in general is Transfer humanity to another planet.
Unfortunately, our days on Earth are numbered and the priority of astronomers and researchers is to find A planet very similar to ours He is capable of it Guarantee of human life.

While scientists around the world work to decipher a strange alien message from Mars, a group of astronomers has discovered… New planetary system Not very far from our solar system.
Apparently, among the discovered planets there is a lot planet Similar to our land.

Solar System

The discovery was the result of collaboration betweenUniversity of Liège It is CSIC, ie The Supreme Council for Scientific Research Which is based in Madrid.
The result, however, is that artificial intelligence has also been achieved TESS telescopes from NASAor telescopes designed to search for planets outside our solar system.

Unusual result: This is where these planets are

The quest to discover new planets is not as easy as one might think, even with the powerful tools NASA has at its disposal.
Detecting a celestial body in open space is difficult unless there is a sufficiently bright star nearby.

In fact, most discoveries do not happen by visualizing the planet or planets involved, but mostly oneffect on starlight.
In this way, not only the existence or non-existence of a planet can be detected, but also a planet of its own Speed of rotation and revolution measuring and the Danger.

outer planets

These new exoplanets (that is, those outside our solar system) orbit a very bright star and are located in 150 light years away from U.S.
astronomical distance, bearing in mind that the distance between the sun and the earth is 0.000016026 light years, and therefore they are planets Really far in the universe.

A new Earth-like exoplanet: a super-Earth

The new “solar system” was called TOI-2096: at the moment they are only discovered two planets orbiting a cool star.
The two planets are named TOI-2096 b And TOI-2096 c They were observed and described for the first time thanks to a dense network of telescopes on Earth.

Data on the speed of their rotation around the star and their dimensions are also noted and described.
Planet B revolution period is 3.12 dayswhile the period of planet c is about 6.38 days: one goes twice as fast as the other.

In terms of dimensions, we know that Planet B is very similar to Earth, in fact its radius 1.2 times that of Earth: This earned it the name “Super-Earth”.
planet radius c 1.9 times that of Earththen almost doubled and was called “mini-Neptune”.

An exoplanet similar to Earth
Could an Earth-like planet be like this?

Their morphological characteristics are also described: the first planet is rocky and has a thin atmosphere, just like Earth’s, while the second is more like Uranus with an icy core and an atmosphere consisting of water and hydrogen.

Obviously, these planets would be excellent hosts for terrestrial life in terms of size and atmospheric levels, but they still need to be studied in depth before they can be classified as potential destinations for humanity.

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