Discover a false wall that can be demolished, but only after 50 hits –

at elden ring An alarming new discovery has been made, because fake wall what could be pulled down But only after the succession of Ben 50 shotsmaking it difficult to detect.

In the Elden Ring, as well as in other Souls, one often encounters walls that can be demolished: these are really difficult items in themselves because they often give no idea whether they can be destroyed, paving the way secret rooms which tend to remain so for a long time, unless a specific guide is used.

However, if these walls require the demolition of up to 50 strikes, others will be unlocked disturbing prospectssince the possibility of detecting the passages will become slim, forcing players to strike as if they are obsessed with a lot of time to desperate walls to get any secrets.

The hope is that it will be the only newly discovered Easter egg, or perhaps some kind of insect. The truth is that in the Volcano Palace there is this mysterious wall that was demolished after a long series of about 50 shots, opening the way to new secret rooms.

If this wasn’t an isolated case, it would really open up some annoying possibilities, as it would be really hard to figure out all the potential secret passages behind such an exaggerated demand to deliver blows. Meanwhile, Elden Ring yesterday received patch 1.03 which added characters, quests, content, and options, in addition to patch 1.04 available today.

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