“Discounted to go to the gold shop” – Libero Quotidiano

This is the paradox Italians vs EnglandThat when he sees the color blue he starts to feel upset. Marcel Jacobs, Filippo Torto, Fausto Disalo and Lorenzo Batta’s victory in the men’s 4X100 relay at Tokyo 2020 came thanks to With an advantage of just one cent, 37.50 to 37.51, over Great Britain’s athletes, mocked again on the edge of the finish line after Euro2020 and the success of Roberto Mancini and his team in Gareth Southgate’s team.

Federico Palmaroli, also known as Ocho, Jokes about the challenge between the two countries: Boris Johnson photographed in front of a shop window. A way to joke about the fact that Italy always offers the most coveted minerals to the British and their Prime Minister at the last minute. A mockery spread on social media They always appreciated the biting irony By Osho who posts his “private” pictures on the front page of time,

Meanwhile, the British prime minister met with exiled Belarusian opposition member Svetlana Tikanovskaya. Johnson told her: “We are certainly on your side” in the fight against President Alexander Lukashenko. He also mentions the athlete’s escape from the Tokyo Olympics to political asylum in Poland Kristina Tsimanskaya And explaining how London was “in the vanguard” in the recent sanctions against the Minsk “regime”.

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