Discos and night clubs in Sarajevo

Sarajevo guide to the best nightclubs, discos, lounge bars, pubs and cocktail bars where to have an aperitif, where to have an aperitif and where to spend a fun-filled evening.

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What to do in the evening in Sarajevo: the best nightlife and nightlife spots

there Sarajevo nightlife It is very vibrant and developed, providing tourists with many options for entertainment and joking a night. Many are found in the city night clubsBars, theaters and clubs with animation Live music. The building is located above all in the pedestrian zone of the historic center, but not only.

Beyond night clubsthe Sarajevo nightlife More lively is that cocktail bars and lounge bars. Even if alcohol is not found in all of them, due to the presence of the Islamic religion, pubs still offer entertainment opportunities for all ages such as parties and DJ sets. Here people mostly go out in weekend But Thursday is often reserved for college parties.

Now let’s see what they are The best clubs in Sarajevo, discos and nightclubs where you can have a simple aperitif, where you can sip cocktails or where to watch the sunrise.

Sarajevo night clubs
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Sloga Disco Cinema – Sarajevo

Sloga Sarajevo cinema It is one of the largest and busiest companies night clubs It is located north of the old town, near Veliki Park.

there location It’s quite large (it can seat up to 500 people) and is housed in a former movie theater over two floors, with tables arranged around a dance floor. It is frequented by young people and university students. Parties are held upstairs Live musicAnd DJ sets and parties, while on the first floor there is a quieter atmosphere with traditional music. Thursday is dedicated to Concerts university. there Nightclub Open Thursday to Monday, 10pm to 5am.

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Cinema nightclub Sloga Sarajevo It is located at Mehmeda Spahe 20.

Sarajevo night clubs
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Trezor – Sarajevo

Trezor that it Music club Located just west of Sarajevo city center near the railway station, it is one of the best places in the city to dance until late.

there location It’s modern and compact with a dance floor and fully stocked bar counter. The place is organized regularly DJ sets electronic dance music and techno, evenings Theme and party While at the bar you can order a thumbs up cocktailAnd beers from around the world and spirits. It is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm to 6 am.

Tresor Sarajevo It is located in Kranjčevićeva bb.

Sarajevo what to do in the evening
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Aquarius – Sarajevo

Aquarius that it Music club Equipped with a restaurant and bar, it is located on one of the main roads in the historical center of Sarajevo, near the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

there location It has been around since 1999 and offers upscale and well kept environments but a casual atmosphere with a distinct flair. It opens in the morning to serve breakfasts, in the evening it becomes the setting Music club With “happy hour after work” and entertainment with DJ sets and concerts Live music From gangs until 21:00. However, after 10.00 pm the dances start with a varied musical program every day until 3. You can order excellent food and pizza and cocktail Creative and classic champagne wine.

Aquarius vis sarajevo It is located at Zmaja od Bosne 13 & Trg.

Sarajevo Bar
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Shelter Pub – Sarajevo

Shelter Pub It’s classic and minimal pub It is located in the heart of the historical center of Sarajevo, near the Orthodox Cathedral, and is the perfect place to socialize and listen to good music.

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there location It’s very special, all in wood and stone cabinetry and a small space for band and dance performances. The goal here is to revive the spirit of the Austro-Hungarian style and more European ambiance, also thanks to a large selection of beer. The venue offers a rich program of concerts and Live music of every kind. At the counter you can order, in addition to beer, first-class alcoholic beverages, high-quality wines and cocktail. Open all day until 1am, this is a great stop while visiting Sarajevo.

Sarajevo Shelter Pub It is located at Strossmayerova 3.

Sarajevo pub
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Quarry – Sarajevo

the cave that it Wine and cocktail bars Very lively and active, located in the historical center of Sarajevo, between the Miljacka River and Gazi Husrev Bey Great Mosque.

there location It is compact in size and furnished in a distinctive rustic style with great attention to detail. The atmosphere is youthful but this is a place for all ages aperitif And for excellent taste wine And choose from about 50 cocktail Originals made by a professional bartender. All accompanied by delicious appetizers. Here you can also buy ready-made bottled wines from the best local and international wineries. Also, the place provides an opportunity to watch live sports with friends.

Sarajevo quarry It is located at Kundurdzhiluk 1.

Sarajevo nightlife
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