Disability allowance and 3 things to consider for pension and theoretical contributions

Periods of disability are not always covered by default contributions that give entitlement to a pension. In fact, accreditation is provided if certain conditions are met. Who receives a disability pension disability pension, even if in a different way, he is entitled to cover with hypothetical contributions.

This contribution is useful for reaching the required length of service for an old-age pension. The terms of the old-age pension are 20 years and 67 years. There is a lot of uncertainty about disability allowance and 3 things to consider for pension and theoretical contributions. Some doubts have been clarified directly by INPS with the latest News about the cancellation or suspension of disability benefits or Law 104 in the event of errors.

It should also be taken into account that many do not know that they can apply for a disability allowance for certain diseases, for example: Headache sufferers can get Law 104 and Civil Disability Allowance of €287 per month.

Disability allowance and 3 things to consider for pension and theoretical contributions

The first relates to the regular disability allowance which, according to Law 224/1984, accrual periods are useful if they are not covered by work activity. In order to receive a normal disability allowance, a worker must have had at least 5 years of contributions. Of which at least 3 were paid in the last 5 years prior to application. However, this facilitation The contribution is attributed only to the employees. Self-employed workers are excluded.

After that, periods of disability covered by default contributions are beneficial to the right to a pension. But it is not useful in determining the amount of the pension. For example, a disabled worker who has been receiving a disability benefit for three years and has received 17 years of employment contributions. The right to an old-age pension is earned with 20-year contributions (17 + 3 theoretical contributions). But the allowance is calculated on 17 years of contributions. Hence, theoretical contributions are not helpful in increasing the pension allowance.

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Finally, the third aspect relates to disability pensioners who are not accepted the right to recognition of default contributions unless the right has ceased in the event of disability.

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