Dirtona, Gavio “Let’s Build Europe’s Future and Dream”

owner Bertram DerthonaAnd Benjamin Gavio, was a guest at the Corriere dello Sport headquarters, where Piero Guerini gave an interview to his team on the eve of his team’s debut in Serie A today, at Casale Monferrato against Treviso Nutribullet. Some of his sayings.

Getting into basketball. Of course, the company has always been very serious, doing what it has and paying for everything and everyone. In 2017, Luigino Fassino came to talk to me and unfortunately today’s vanishing basketball reference in Tortona would be very happy to tell me that if I hadn’t given a hand, Derthona would only have had the ability to make Serie B, leaving A2. I spoke with the family and decided to intervene for our connection to the province. From there, the growth project that brought us to the top flight began, perhaps before our initial intentions. I had already expressed the idea of ​​building the Cittadella dello Sport with Picchi and other company members as well as filling the 5,000-seat arena on the A2. Instead, we are already in Serie A and have started to build the structure, also due to Italian bureaucratic delays.

Objectives 1. We at first, we must consider that there will be difficult moments. But we have a tight-knit and hardworking group of good guys. We still arrive with enthusiasm for promotion. We know we will suffer more defeats than in the past. In the evening I will be angry, like everyone else, but it will pass. We never have to break down and look in perspective. At the bottom of Final Eight we found a good character. We want competition. If we can stay in Serie A, in a few years we would like to develop and play in the European Cups. Not the European League, but maybe others. Why deny yourself the dream of some victory? But I have other goals.

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Objectives 2. My dream, once Cittadella dello Sport is done, is to build a college campus, a place to study and play basketball as is the norm in the States. We will endeavor to involve all businesses in the region. Because this is a business and a project for this land, the province of Alessandria, we want to involve the residents of the capital, Novi, Casale. In addition, the logistics of the castle is very good, next to the highway exit. I would also like to build a hotel for guests, but also to organize other events. This 5,000 seat facility wouldn’t be able to live off basketball alone.

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