DirectX 12 Agility, a massively gaming Windows 10 update is no longer necessary

During Game Stack Live 2021, Microsoft has it reveal il DirectX 12 Agility SDK, A novelty intended for developers that also has ramifications for players. DirectX 12 Agility SDK enables developers Access to the new features of DirectX 12 Even if you are – even if they are Newer than the ones available on the version of Windows 10 they are using.

Historically, the team that designs DirectX APIs used Windows 10 updates as a way to spread the latest technology, but game developers have asked Microsoft to break this limitation so they can. Implement the latest DX12 additions to their titles without requiring players to update the OS.

The answer to that request is called the DirectX 12 Agility SDK, and it’s a new distribution model that companies like Epic Games, 343 Industries, and Turn 10. That way, developers can work by adopting the latest technology while making sure they really will be. Almost all PC gamers enjoy it: The minimum requirement is the Windows 10 November 2019 Update. “This means that almost any current gaming system can run games that use the Agility SDK.”

What is good for developers is also beneficial for gamersMicrosoft wrote on its blog, stating that the first release of the new SDK supports all the features of DirectX 12 Ultimate and the new Shader Model 6.6. So far, many of the DirectX 12 Ultimate API features have been limited to devices with the May 2020 OS Update, but with the Agility SDK, Microsoft is expanding the audience for November 2019 Update owners onwards.

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Microsoft states “Shader Model 6.6 is a recent update that will bring support with the upcoming Windows 10. The first of the new features to be shipped with the Agility SDK even before the next OS release is released.”

The company concludes by noting that although the Agility SDK “applies only to creating PC games, Xbox players will benefit from it as well.” The ability to optimize DirectX libraries at a faster pace will shorten the time it takes for Xbox functions to reach the PC and vice versa.

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