Dino is one of those who made history: like Diego in football

DINO is one of those names that made history like Diego like Marvin like all Parthenon sports names

Our story is for those who knew how to write history and in a definitive way: Meneghin, the only national team player to be in the NBA’s Hall of Fame

There are names that made and wrote history. If you say Diego, you’re thinking of one of the most beloved proverbial painters of two centuries in football, who took us from the English Championships to the present day. You talk about tennis and you think of Rod Laver, Nicholas Petrangeli, Bjorn Borg and all those who came in the following decades. Even for honest opponents on the way, like Mc Enroe and Connors.

When you say in basketball that Dino could just be him. The only Italian present at the Springfield Hall of Fame, given thanks to a letter of introduction signed by Dan Peterson, his coach in Milan. And from the formidable Roberto Allen McAdoo, aka Bob.

Dino shared the fame of the ruler of Europe with Arvidas Sabonis. They were the most powerful “centres” (central) in Europe.

Our favorite and excellent actor was born on the 18th of January 1950 in Alano di Piave, Belluno Province.

Start with discus throwing. Team Varese noted, Aza Nikolic in the lead, was called to the gym. Also by strengthening his physical fitness with targeted work.

Tough under the basket even in matches between friends but loyal, he represented the best periods for Varese and Milan. With the former playing for 10 consecutive years, the European Cup final, winning 5.

He arrived in Milan in the summer of 1981, winning and already intimidated, called by the ex-teacher of the Chile national team. Dan Peterson was already the third-year champion of Bologna with Virtus 1976.

The suspended coach wanted to make Olympia Milan great again. Around him, Dantoni Tony Cappellari builds an exciting formation. Dino and Franco Boselli, Roberto Premiere, Ken Barlow, Joe Barry Carroll. Above all, Los Angeles Lakers player Bob McAdoo. One won (!) two NBA titles.

Dino will win two more European Cups. In 1987, with Milan for the first time in Europe after 21 years of the legendary red boot of Sementhal. The following year, again against Doron Giamke, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Lee Johnson and former Barlow.

All this without virtually any vacation. Because Dino is always called, as it happens to Marzoratti, Sachetti, Vilalta, Cagliris and Riva, in the national team. Every two years, holidays are reserved for others.

Led by Sandro Gamba, who was talking about former Milan red boots, Italy won the European Championship of Nations in Nantes in 1983. And they do so against truly talented Spain, San Antonio and playmaker Corbalan. Which concludes an already magnificent course embellished with the silver medal 1980 in Moscow in the final, which he lost to the Russians.

Dino after Los Angeles 1984 leaves the blue shirt. He continues to make a decisive contribution to Olympia’s victories until the early 1990s when Salama chose Pepe Stefanel and coach Tangjevic to end his very long 29-season journey in the beautiful city of Trieste.

Against Varese, something that is reserved for elected officials, he feels happy and a strong passion to play against Andrea, his son, born in 1974, goalkeeper and winger who also performs well in the national team. Where the heir won the European Championship 1999 with the manager of the blue team Dino. A fictional story, not a story like any other.

The farewell party unites him with Mike D’Antoni, who, unlike him, continues as a basketball coach in the NBA.

Dino becomes first a team manager and then a federal president. He is currently No. 2 in the FIBA, Uefa of Basketball, so to speak. When questioned, he is actively involved in many initiatives in the basketball world.

Planet gave him the greatest joy in that USA which he rejected for a healthy consistency pony for the first time in the early seventies and in 1976. In the latter case it came from an injury. In 2011, Dino was introduced by Bob Mc Adoo in Springfield, home of the NBA Professional League Hall of Fame. To be included in the Temple of Fame, the only Italian player to have received the highest international honor. Because it is true that Cesar Roubini, the Prince, and Sandro Gamba joined before him, but as coaches.

Trieste, a former Olympic water polo player in 1948, would have continued the coach’s streak of victories on the parquet. The same thing was done by Sandro Gamba. Conqueror of Italy and Europe with Milan as an athlete, on the surface of the Old Continent as the chosen one for the national team.

Dino was and remains the first and only player worthy of being placed in the same sacred place as Titanic, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Drexler.

To refresh the minds of athletes who have allowed themselves to tell stories, in the world of football, when the word Champion is used inappropriately, Dino Meneghin has won 7 European Cups out of 12 finals played, and 12 league titles out of 29 Serie A championships. , not to mention 2 Cups of Cups and 1 Cork, but above all 3 Intercontinental Cups; As well as the European Championship with Italy in 83. Still wearing blue, he won two continental bronze medals, in the decade before the Nantes gold.

Absolute example. at the level of seriousness. of gratitude. Respect others at the end of every match. For those great talents that many, among his opponents in the past, speak of, and admired. Today again. Dino Dino.

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