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Many fans of the franchise Dino Crisisfrozen years ago, did not react well toad to ExoprimalCapcom’s new dinosaur-based game. The reason is easy to understand: it has nothing to do with the original series, with several elements involved, including the main character.

Regina gave so much hope

The first Dino Crisis dates back to 1999 and was basically a resident evil clone where dinosaurs played the bad guys. The final chapter of the series dates back to 2003. Most of the ardent fans have been clamoring for a new episode or a remake of the old one for years. Many were hoping for that when they saw Queena character from the Dino Crisis series, in the presentation movie sent during Sony’s recent state of play.

Imagine the disappointment when it was clarified that in addition to the different name, Exoprimal is not just a survival game, but a cooperative shooter. In particular, the subreddit was unleashed by Dino Crisis, where the ad was defined as dim, provocative, and meaningless.

To make matters worse, there was an announcement Hiroyuki Kobayashithe developer behind the Dino Crisis franchise, to participate in the Exoprimal project.

Many began calling for them to surrender and instead recast Dinosaur Crisis or create a new chapter (as if it was up to him), while others pointed out that Exoprimal was designed just like a new Dino Crisis, in another direction. Others were more optimistic, saying that Exoprimal could be Capcom’s test to see if there is still interest in dinosaur toys. There were still others who felt betrayed and did not fail to express their disappointment. In short, the sentiments expressed by the community were many, mostly negative, but not all of the same tone.

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For the rest, we remind you that Exoprimal was announce For PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, S and Xbox One. It will be released in 2023, at a date yet to be determined.

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