Digital Terrestrial, move the switch to the off position and new channels will arrive: what happens

These are days of big changes regarding Digital Terrestrial and DVB-T2 conversion plan

Digital Terrestrial, there are many changes in the pipeline (Pixabay)

A few months ago there was talk of the long-awaited revolution that would strike DTT. Say goodbye to old frequencies, with new channels all in HD for a richer presentation than ever. switch from Al DVB-T2 However, it will force millions of Italian citizens to change their televisions or set-top boxes, to make way for the latest generation of devices. Able to link all the news.

Tentatively, the full trial expiration date has been set for a month June 2022. But a few days ago, the Ministry of Economic Development decided to postpone everything January 1, 2023. Channel encryption has also been delayed Give Mpeg 2 a Mpeg 4: Nothing will move before October 15.

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Digital Terrestrial, move the switch to the off position and new channels will arrive

Here’s all the major news coming soon (Pixabay)

If switching to a file is turned off January 1, 2023However, not much has changed regarding the emergence of new channels and the removal of others. In recent months, local and national broadcasters have been forced to change numbering and MUX, If you don’t even have to close everything. This weekend was also marked by several innovations at the regional level, with users invited to conduct a new search in the channel list Do not miss any news.

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While you wait to understand what will happen, the advice is – if you change your device – To take advantage of the TV bonus.Maximum discounts available 100 EUR To get a new TV or set-top box, with no income limit: all you need is to be a resident of Italy.

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