Digital terrestrial Do you need to change the antenna for these hidden channels?

Disturbance due to frequency change continues for the new digital terrestrial and according to the latest information it is likely that some users will have to not only buy a new TV or new decoder but also change their antenna

Digital Terrestrial Antenna (Photo: Pixabay)

If you suffer from persistent disorders due to exchange to coding From mpeg2 and mpeg4 there are now many possibilities that the only way to go back to see the files the television as before a Antenna change. One aspect of the new digital TV reception system that you may have underestimated.

When we started talking about the new digital earth and the fact that there will be one reorganization subordinate frequencies To allow 5G free space, all or almost all Focus On the fact that it was necessary Buy Or in any case check the TV and receiver.

There are now users standing though experimentation The Black screen And the impossibility of following their favorite shows despite the TV they installed in the house or the digital terrestrial set-top box they recently bought is compatible and equipped with all the necessary stickers. Here are the channels you should worry about.

Digital ground, if you see a black screen, connect to the antenna

Digital floor (Photo Tim Mossholder Unsplash)

Especially on social media, the Mail Which comments From users who found each other Suddenly For lack of more signals. And not, as many fear, when you try to the melody A local broadcaster, but on Al-Rai channels. Rai1, Rai2 Rai2 and the others look just like gold of radars. Therefore, many skeptics about the way this small revolution was handled are now angry that users will not be required to change not only the TV but also the antenna.

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Because those who tried to turn to switch panels Ministry of Economic Development, consisting of number Which is located on the special website set up by the ministry to help users follow the steps of the new digital terrestrial change, they were told that it is necessary for this kind of inefficiency in contact direct to green number from Rai.

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A phone call to RAI’s toll-free number then revealed the conundrum: anyone who doesn’t see RAI channels in the locations they should be running now, will have to they change Or anyway move your antenna. why me repeaters allowing the signal to travel with new encoding mpeg4 is probably built in different places. So, if you’re lucky, just ask the antenna operator to move the antenna and reposition it. But if your system has been over the years, you will probably have to buy a new antenna that can pick up the new signals.

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