Digital Payments on Your Phone: The Best Apps

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Digital payments are experiencing record growth. And with them too Applications on smartphones with dedicated cards Which, in addition to allowing you to shop online and in physical stores, Offer additional services such as Cashback, premium payments, instant loans, insurance policies and investments, in funds, stocks (including partial stocks) and cryptocurrencies.
Everything is consumed in one environment, the cell phoneAnd for payments, you can choose to use either the extension physical and virtual card.

Basic services, such as cards and payments, are offered free of charge, while in order to take advantage of additional services, most apps offer paid plans, with fees that, depending on the required features, can be as high as €13.99 each. Month. When choosing a specially designed application, it is necessary to carefully assess the personal needs and above all it is important to check where the account is located. In fact, all assets held outside national borders must be declared for tax control purposes and a tax (VAT) of 0.2 per cent is paid on the equivalent value.

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