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digital foundry Published his analysis of console and PC ports for Persona 5 Royal. It seems tech enthusiasts weren’t particularly happy with the release Nintendo Switch And to a lesser extent, performance on Steam Deck.

Let’s start with the positive feedback reported for the Nintendo Switch version of Persona 5 Royal. According to Digital Foundry, loading times are short and are cleverly hidden by short animations. Moreover, the animated scenes do not show any visible artifacts, despite the small size of the application compared to other consoles. All the 3D elements on the screen worked stably at 30 frames per second without showing any problems at all and in general, the frame rate proved to be stable for the duration of the tests.

Moving on to the negative notes, Digital Foundry wasn’t impressed with the accuracy of the Switch version of Persona 5 Royal. When the controller is connected to the docking, it turns into a coil 1440 x 810 pso we are very far from Full HD.

The problem with Persona 5 Royal is that it “is a game that relies heavily on raw pixel counts to satisfactorily represent small details, such as the fine lines that surround character models. It has an aesthetic. Superior contrast Without any kind of image processing, it also lacks a simple post-filter.” AA, so aliasing and other visual shortcomings are clearly visible.1080p picture quality really suffers, but at 810p it becomes a problem.It’s not too bad, but I expected better results,”Oliver Mackenzie said in his analysis.

In portable mode, things get even worse, as accuracy drops 960 x 540 pixels56% of the pixels compared to 720p are supported by the console screen. The result is unsatisfactory image quality, according to Digital Foundry.

“Expect a blurry, inaccurate image with clumsy handling of distant details. That’s far from the 720p I would have liked (for portable mode). At least, Altus chose a two-line scale, unlike other low-switch transformations. The resolution, so artifacts caused by the Unnecessarily identifiable,” added McKenzie.

Digital Foundry was also unaffected by the results recorded on steam surface From Persona 5 Royal.

It looks like the game can run smoothly at 1080p and 60fps, but once the tutorial is over and you start exploring the city, Performance drops dramatically And incomprehensibly. So much so that it’s suggested to limit the frame rate to 40fps via the 40Hz option for Valve’s PC-console.

Another issue with Persona 5 Royal’s art style is Steam Deck screen, which apparently collide with each other. Digital Foundry explains that the game uses a sharp color scheme that makes heavy use of pure black. In contrast, Steam Deck’s IPS screen is rather mediocre and fails to do the game justice.

No particular criticism of Persona 5 Royal’s other console ports (here are the resolution and frame rate details shared by ElAnalistaDeBits), with the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions having the advantage of being able to access both 4K at 60 fps.

what do you think? Do you play Persona 5 Royal on Switch or Steam Deck? Do you agree with Digital Foundry’s conclusions?

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