Digital Earth, two important channels are disappearing: it will happen soon

The change in the broadcast standard for digital terrestrial brings some important changes. And this is one of them, what it is about.

Digital terrestrial farewell to two channel images from the web

DTT, the transition to the new frequency transmission standard leads to changes that must be taken into account. The transaction is completed from mpeg-2 to mpeg-4 better defined, with the procedure already successful in Sardinia.

From now until spring will come the turn of digital terrestrial signals that are received throughout northern Italy, and then will gradually decrease to the center and south, and this also includes the reorganization of the usual frequencies.

In light of this, some networks are reconsidering their position on transmission methods. For example, some are considering leaving their positions entirely on the digital ground to rely solely on broadcast or satellite use.

Digital Earth, what will happen to these two channels

Pictures from the web

To do this, and leave the orphans out of their existence on the digital earth, two channels can be of some importance, and can boast a very respectable following. It’s about Paramount and Spike.

Paramount currently broadcasts on digital terrestrial channel 27 while Spike is on channel 49. The former is known for broadcasting popular movies as well as popular TV series. Spike’s schedule also sees popular TV series, such as Law & Order, as well as several reality shows.

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Everything must already be done closely, Starting January 16, 2022. For now, this is just a guess, derived from the fact that from that date onwards there are no references to the Paramount or Spike schedules.

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This is certainly unusual but could mean both in real life Channels will no longer exist on digital. It might even be reasonable fusion between the two channels, with the birth of a completely new topic.

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