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Internet users view the Internet as an increasingly safe and civilized place: this is what emerges from the data of the Digital Civilization Index 2022, research conducted in 22 countries that analyzes individuals’ attitudes regarding online safety and digital civic education. Here is the global picture in which Italy now ranks tenth.

Data from the Digital Civilization Index 2022

The latest release of Microsoft’s Digital Urbanization Index, research focused on web users’ perception of digital civics and online security, shows intriguing data that aligns 22 studied countries on a common path. As recorded by analysts, in fact, there is an overall improvement in the satisfaction levels of those who use the Internet, with a higher level of civility and security being perceived while browsing.

In particular, these aspects seem to be particularly felt in Italy, as evidenced by the jump of two sites from 12th to 10th in the special ranking that sees the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom on the podium. The ranking, which takes into account users’ level of online vulnerability, sees for the first time in the top ten South American country, Chile, which ranks ninth, a novelty highlighting how the web is now viewed as the best place in the geographies it has been in. They are also very different from each other.

Increase the level of urbanization for web users

One of the problems that are often contested with the Internet are those associated with the degree of civilization of users: often, in fact, unfortunate behaviors were recorded on social networks and not only, which deteriorated the general perception of ordinary users . However, on the other hand, if there is still a large presence of people expressing their frustrations online, on the other hand, the web is a growing place for cultural and professional exchange, as evidenced by the frequent use of the network now for smart work and meeting.

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These latter aspects seem to have greatly improved the level of online civilization, conveying an image of a network capable of enhancing communication and bringing people together to solve various problems. The fact that these issues are being addressed more and more is such a fundamental aspect, that most users today are able to instantly recognize online danger or topics to be removed.

It is also interesting to note that for 89% of Italians, the interference of social platforms with offensive content is fundamental to improving online civilization, while 82% consider de-anonymization as positive, which puts individuals in the face of their responsibilities. .

Online privacy and security, a constantly hot topic

The issue of digital security is playing an increasingly important role, especially with regard to the processing of personal data and online payments. On this last point, in recent years, great strides have been taken forward in this sense, as evidenced by the wide choice of solutions available for making purchases on portals Electronic trade or on entertainment. The companies you deal with For example online slot machines And other types of games or those intended for transfer Stream audiovisual content Today, it allows access to services by conducting transactions through specialized partners, ensuring that risks are reduced and the end consumer is fully protected. All this has helped the exponential growth of these segments, bringing together large and heterogeneous groups of users who are no longer afraid to use modern digital payment tools.

This continuous development has improved the general levels of security seen by users, who today move around the network with the same calm that can happen in stores and other physical places. In fact, increasingly advanced technologies and stricter laws impart serenity even in the most nuanced processes such as those related to payments, to the point that online purchases of goods and services have now reached very high levels.

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Thus, the Microsoft Digital Civility Index is an effective mirror of the times, able to highlight problems that still exist but also to underscore the obvious improvements that have been encountered over the years: a survey that is statistically significant, but indispensable as an awareness-raising tool about Conscious use of new technologies.

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