Digital aperitif dated April 6, 2023

Dear readers, welcome back to the rendezvous with the digital aperitif Here are some news you might have missed today on our site.

Easter holidays in Italy? Watch out for the traffic…and more

we are here. The Easter holidays have begun. And with them, of course, also traffic. Especially those on the roads of Ticino or towards Italy. Today, in the afternoon, there was a 9-kilometer line at the Gotthard Tunnel, and there was more than an hour and a half waiting. Michele Montanari has taken stock: Tomorrow southbound traffic could reach record levels. But be careful: also pay attention to fuel prices!

Because at Wankdorf, it’s not an impossible task

Let’s start with sports. With Massimo Solari, we are back to another masterpiece for Juventus in the Swiss Cup. A masterpiece that seems to be based on an oxymoron. The final has a clear candidate, not Lugano. But the Bianconeri will challenge the Young Boys in Wankdorf without pressure and perhaps with a few more weapons. Here is the full article.

De Rosa at DSS and Carobio at DECS

The Slave Trade: A Study of Charles III Endorses

What is the Athens AI Expo?

We continue with an article under the technology heading. Specifically, let’s talk about the Athens AI Show. The AI-generated show on Twitch. Created by Bachir Boumaza of the Singularity Group, the skin allows users to talk to well-known faces such as Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. but how?

Eight years for the thief from Montagu.

Let’s move on to the news. Article dedicated to the verdict relating to the case of the Montague thief, by Nico Nonella. The Criminal Assemblies Court had no doubts: the 55-year-old Italian who appeared in court yesterday accused of participating in four robberies, one of which was attempted, “has no credibility and has denied what cannot be denied” and was therefore sentenced to 8 years in prison He was expelled from Switzerland for 15 years.

It was alleged that 90 million scams reached Lugano

Traces of an alleged fraud worth nearly ninety million euros will also lead to Lugano. But what is this? The trial was Italian, but the city is also investigating to understand whether the Lombard principal relied too much on a huge capital entrusted to him by a woman, who would report on him later. Federico Storni explains it all.

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