Difficult underwater vehicles found the wreck of the legendary endurance

Two special vehicles of the Swedish company were used to search for the wreck of the Shackleton ship under the ice of Antarctica

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It’s a newly discovered moment of popularity for Saab, the Swedish automaker that shut down about ten years ago amid thousands of problems and adventures, with various (failed) attempts to restart production. But on the other hand, the legend persists, until the 1987 film 900 Turbo made Drive my car: the movie of the moment in light of the Best Screenplay award at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, at the Golden Globes. The best foreign film, especially the last Oscar, as the best foreign film. On the other hand, the rest of the Saab AB group – such as the Aviation and Safety division – continues to do work at a very high rate of technology: as we have seen in the case of the Sabertooth, an autonomous underwater vehicle, with a battery of 30 and 0 kWh and a top speed It’s 4.6 miles per hour. Two samples were used for a special mission: to find Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legendary ship, the Endurance, which sank more than a century ago in Antarctic waters.

in the legend

The Endurance Expedition left the United Kingdom in August 1914 to reach the first land crossing of the White Continent from the Weddell Sea through the Antarctic to the Ross Sea. But the British explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, got stuck in a dense package on January 19, 1915, smashed into ice and after ten months went to rest in the waters at a depth of 3 thousand meters. 28 crew members had to leave the ship and set up a temporary camp: until April 8, 1916 they remained on the ice floe and – when it began to melt – boarded three lifeboats. After a very difficult sailing voyage, they managed to reach Elephant Island in South Shetland on April 15, 1916, day 498 of the voyage: there was no hope that anyone would come to save them. Therefore, Shackleton with five men decided to move and after 15 days of navigation in horrific weather conditions, on one of the seven-meter lifeboats, touched southern Georgia. Zeelander Frank Worsley – Within 36 hours he crossed 30 miles of mountains and glaciers to reach the whaling station in Stromness on the north coast. The three got there on May 20: Shackleton organized the rescue of the remaining men on Elephant Island who were rescued, at the fourth attempt, on August 30, 1916 with Chilean tug Welcho. The expedition, apparently unsuccessful, went down in history as one of the most epic survival battles in the exploration of Antarctica.

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The ship is almost more efficient

The area where the stamina was found is what Shackleton called “the worst part of the worst sea in the world”. The wreck was found at 9,869 feet — 3,008 meters to be exact — and that involved the use of a double-hulled Sabertooth rather than the faster single-hulled wreck, which was unable to go beyond 3,000 meters in depth. The managers of the Endurance22, the recovery flight, were enthusiastic about the behavior of the vehicles, and were able to move tools and bring samples from the brackish depths. Hence the certainty of being able to rely on the new Saab in similar situations. Curiosity: the three trees, 144 meters tall, proved themselves in exceptional conditions, thanks to the complete freezing of water, and there was almost no erosion of the structures. Pictures showed that there was still a star in the stern under the inscription Endurance: the remains of the ship’s first owner, who named it Polaris. It is incredible that the great explorer did not take into account the misfortune of renaming the ship.

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