Diet how to lose weight quickly: the expert speaks

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Often a lot of attention is paid to body weight. Staying fit allows you to live better and healthier. However, it is not always possible to maintain the perfect line of character traits and try to lose weight quickly.

professor manager IULM Food Academyspecialized in Food Science and DieteticsAnd Nicola Sorrentinoadvise how lose weight fast time, without risking health and physical well-being.

Lose weight in a short time: the diet to follow

Diet 5 Tips
Diet (Adobe Photo)

Professor Nicola Sorrentino explains how you can lose weight in a short time. In general, it is strongly discouraged, but you can by paying proper attention and not overdoing it lose weight fast. In fact, it may happen that you have a significant event imminent or you have to undergo surgery, so reducing weight by a few pounds is “essential”.

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It is good to know that losing weight suddenly without keeping the situation under control is harmful to health. The right diet brings The right doses of protein, vegetable fibre, water, fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals.

Being able to lose weight in a short time will be enough Limit alcohol, sweets, cheese, or fatty foodstheir favorite Fruits and vegetablesEspecially since the latter is rich in fiber, vitamins, mineral salts, few calories and has a satiating effect, which should not be underestimated.

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During the day you can start with one healthy breakfastAs it is the most important meal that gives the right energy to start in the best way and mushroom the night. You can have milk or semi-skimmed yoghurt with 30 grams of cereal or 3 rusk. If you prefer salty, one slice of bread with smoked salmon, turkey, or ham.

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to any concern lunch and dinnerYou should never miss vegetables, being able to combine them into a meal with 2 potatoes, or with pasta or rice, preferably whole grains. Or again with eggs, fish or meat.

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to me Mid-morning snacks And Snack You can eat 10 almonds, 15 pistachios or 3 nuts, but you can also eat yogurt or fruit until you can make it to your next meal. to me After dinner A square of dark chocolate or herbal tea can end the day on a boom.

Little tricks to follow regarding choosing meat, prefer white and fish because of Easy to digest and fat free. Furthermore itoil Even if it is healthy, it is high in calories, so it is preferable to use it Only 2 teaspoons Per day. So always pay attention to cooking and seasoning. Finally, very important, drink Give 6 to 8 glasses of water per day and combine physical activity.

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